Student Affairs, Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Non-thesis only: 40 credits required

Students must also write a seminar paper and pass a comprehensive exam.

The minimum number of credit hours required beyond the bachelor's degree for the M.Ed., is 40. All MEd students must do a seminar paper and a comprehensive examination.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
EDCP610Professional Orientation3
EDCP618Counseling Skills: Introduction to Practicum3
EDCP741Multicultural Practice in Student Affairs: Self, Education, and Society3
EDCP771The College Student3
EDCP888Apprenticeship in Counseling and Personnel Services1
EDCP888Apprenticeship in Counseling and Personnel Services (EDCP888A - Apprenticeship in Student Personnel Services)3
EDMS645Quantitative Research Methods I3
or EDCP773
EDCP619Practicum in Counseling (EDCP619B - Practicum in Counseling)3
or EDCP671
EDCP798Special Problems in Counseling and Personnel Services3
Two Professional Concentration/Focus courses6
Total Credits40