Aerospace Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Doctoral students are required to complete 36 credits beyond the Bachelor's degree, in addition to 12 credits of ENAE899. Required coursework should include not less than 18 hours within one departmental area of specialization, at least 6 hours from among the other areas of specialization in the Department, and not less than 9 hours in courses that emphasize the physical sciences or mathematics.

Advance to Candidacy: In addition to the course requirements below, students must pass a written qualifying and an oral comprehensive examination in order to advance to candidacy.

Post-Candidacy: Students must complete at least 12 credits of ENAE899 Doctoral Dissertation Research as well as successfully defend and submit an original dissertation.

Course Title Credits
Major Area Requirement
Select a minimum of 18 credits within one of the following departmental core area of specializations:18
Aerodynamics and Propulsion
Flight Dynamics Stability and Control
Space Systems
Structural Mechanics and Composites
Minor Area Requirement
Select minimum of 6 credits are required within one of the other departmental core areas of specialization, or from another department6
Math/Science Requirement
Select a minimum of nine credits of coursework must emphasize mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, or computer sciences 19
Dissertation Research Requirements
ENAE899Doctoral Dissertation Research12

No more than 3 credits can be from the College of Engineering. The one engineering course that can count toward this requirement must not be a course that could apply to either the major or minor concentration area. At least 3 credits must be at the 600 level or higher.