Art History and Archaeology, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis only: 30 credits  

For the Master's degree, the student will: complete 30 credit hours at the 600 and 700 levels (at least 9 of these credits must be 700 level seminars; 6 are for thesis research; and one course must be ARTH692); pass an advisor-approved language exam appropriate to the area studied (such as Japanese); complete a thesis that demonstrates competency in research and in original investigation; and successfully defend the thesis. Please consult the department's web site for information regarding course distributional requirements. A minimum grade of “B-” is required for all courses approved for graduate credit. Two grades below “B-” result in automatic dismissal from the program.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
ARTH692Methods of Art History3
ARTH799Master's Thesis Research6
Select seven graduate colloquia or seminars (3 credits each) including one course from each of the following four topic areas: 121
Art before 1800 (Chronological area)
Art after 1800 (Chronological area)
Art outside Europe and the USA (Geographical area)
Art from Europe and/or the USA (Geographical area)
Total Credits30

A single course may fulfill one of the chronological areas as well as one of the geographic areas. No one course, however, can fulfill both of the chronological topic areas or both of the geographic areas.