Community Planning, Master of Community Planning (M.C.P.)

Non-thesis only (capstone project required): 48 credits 

Graduation requires satisfactory completion of 48 credits of course work. The 24 credits in core courses introduce students to the foundations of city and regional planning, research methods, planning process, planning history and theory, and the physical and socio-economic functions of cities and regions. Nine additional credits are required for a specialization. Specializations include community development, housing, economic development, international planning, land use / environmental planning, social planning, historic preservation, and transportation planning. A studio and internship are required. Courses are listed under URSP. The MCP program accepts up to nine credits from other graduate programs. Applicants to this program should use the CMPL program code.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
URSP600Research Design and Application3
URSP601Research Methods3
URSP603Land Use Planning: Concepts and Techniques3
URSP604The Planning Process3
URSP605Planning History and Theory3
URSP606Planning Economics3
URSP688Recent Developments in Urban Studies (URSP688Z - Planning and Design in the Multicultural Metropolis)3
or URSP673 Community Development
URSP688Recent Developments in Urban Studies (URSP688L - Planning Technology)3
URSP708Community Planning Studio6
URSP709Field Instruction0
Area of specialization9
Specialization Options
Community Development
Local and Community Economic Development Housing
International Urban and Regional Development Planning
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Social Planning, Organization and Administration
Transportation Planning
Total Credits48