Ethnomusicology, Master of Arts (M.A.)

Thesis option: 35 credits
Non-thesis option (scholarly paper): 35 credits

The Master of Arts Degree (Thesis Option in Ethnomusicology, Music Education, Music History and Literature [Musicology], or Music Theory; Non-Thesis Option in Ethnomusicology or Music History and Literature [Musicology]) requires a minimum of 30 credit hours (35 for Ethnomusicology), with a minimum of 12 credit hours in Major Studies, 9 credit hours in Studies in Areas Supporting the Major (14 for Ethnomusicology), and 9 credit hours in Other Studies in Music. In addition, a grade of B- or better is required in all courses used to fulfill requirements for the degree; a Thesis must be written (Ethnomusicology Non-Thesis Option requires two scholarly research papers), an oral defense of the Thesis (or research papers) must be passed; and a written comprehensive examination must be passed. Specific courses are required in each area of specialization.

Students must complete the following courses. In most cases, students are also required to have knowledge of one language other than their native language. All students must enroll in the School of Music’s World Music Ensembles for at least two semesters (taking two different ensemble types).

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
MUSC632The Anthropology of Music3
MUSC633Field Methods in Ethnomusicology I3
MUSC676Historical Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology3
MUSC677Current Theory and Method in Ethnomusicology3
MUSC438Area Studies in Ethnomusicology (MUSC438X - Area Studies in Ethnomusicology)3
MUSC646Introduction to Musicology3
MUSC629Ensemble (MUSC629X - Performance electives)2
Other Studies in Music9
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements
Select one of the following:6
Master's Thesis Research
Two seminar courses, two scholarly papers
Total Credits35