Extension Education, Master of Extension Education (M.Ext.Ed.)

Thesis or non-thesis option: 30 credits required

Thesis Option:

For the thesis option, 6 credit hours must be in AGST 799, "Master’s Thesis Research." The thesis should be completed towards the end of the student's coursework. The thesis must be approved by the Thesis Examining Committee, which consists of three members of the graduate faculty. The chair of the committee should be the student’s thesis advisor.

Non-Thesis Option:

For the non-thesis option, a minimum of 6 credit hours must be from courses numbered 600 and above. Instead of a thesis, students should submit one professional article in publication ready format or present an individually created research based creative component (curricula, professional training design, learning media product, etc.) to the Non-Thesis Review Committee, which consists of three members of the graduate faculty. The chair of the committee should be the student’s advisor.

Course Title Credits
Core courses:
AGNR606Program Planning and Evaluation in Agricultural Education3
AGNR630Teaching-Learning in Adult and Continuing Education3
AGST605 (Extension Research Methods with Applied Data Analysis)3
AGST640Analysis of Maryland Agriculture (Critically Examine Maryland Agriculture, Agricultural Industry and Agricultual Literacy)3

Elective Options (12-18 credits)

Students will work with a faculty advisor to identify and enroll in a set of elective courses that align with their career focused learning outcomes. The following is a sample of courses. Students may seek permission from the program to enroll in courses not included on this list. 

Course Title Credits
BIOM601Biostatistics I4
BIOM602Biostatistics II4
BIOM603Biostatistics III4
BIOM621Applied Multivariate Statistics3
ANSC417Regulatory Issues in Animal Care and Management3
ANSC436Animal Health Policy and Communication3
ANSC437Animal Biotechnology3
ANSC440Zoonotic Diseases and Control3
ANSC450Animal Breeding Plans3
ANSC455Applied Animal Behavior3
Course Title Credits
AREC405Economics of Production3
AREC422Econometric Analysis in Agricultural and Environmental Economics3
AREC426Economic Methods and Food Consumption Policy3
AREC427Commodity Pricing and Markets3
AREC430Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Law3
AREC433Food and Agricultural Policy3
AREC445Agricultural Development, Population Growth and the Environment3
AREC453Natural Resources and Public Policy3
AREC455Economics of Land Use3
Course Title Credits
ENST403Invasive Species Ecology3
ENST405Energy and Environment3
ENST411Principles of Soil Fertility3
ENST414Soil Morphology, Genesis and Classification4
ENST415Renewable Energy3
ENST417Soil Hydrology and Physics3
ENST421Soil Chemistry4
ENST422Soil Microbial Ecology3
ENST423Soil-Water Pollution3
ENST430Wetland Soils3
ENST432Environmental Microbiology3
ENST436Emerging Environmental Threats3
ENST441Sustainable Agriculture3
ENST450Wetland Ecology3
ENST452Wetland Restoration3
ENST460Principles of Wildlife Management3
ENST603Advanced Invasive Species Ecology3
ENST462Field Techniques in Wildlife Management3
ENST605Energy and Environment3
ENST611Advanced Principles of Soil Fertility3
ENST622Advanced Soil Microbial Ecology3
ENST630Advanced Wetland Soils3
Course Title Credits
ENTM609Integrated Pest Management1-4
Course Title Credits
LARC452Green Infrastructure and Community Greening3
LARC461People and the Environment3
LARC620Graphic Tools for Landscape Representation3
LARC663Landscape and Garden History3
Course Title Credits
NFSC425International Nutrition3
NFSC430Food Microbiology3
NFSC431Food Quality Control4
NFSC440Advanced Human Nutrition4
NFSC470Community Nutrition3
NFSC605Food-Related Behavior of the Individual3
NFSC620Diet and Cancer Prevention3
NFSC690Nutrition and Aging3
NFSC735Food Toxicology3
NFSC679Selected Topics in Food Science1-6
Course Title Credits
PLSC433Technology of Fruit and Vegetable Production4
PLSC452Environmental Horticulture3
PLSC453Weed Science3
PLSC461Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems: Substrates1
PLSC462Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems; Irrigation1
PLSC464Cultural Management of Nursery and Greenhouse Systems: Nutrients1
PLSC685Advanced Plant Ecophysiology3
Course Title Credits
AGST799Master's Thesis Research (Master's Thesis Research)1-6