Fire Protection Engineering, Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Non-thesis only: 30 credits required 

Students taking courses on campus for the Master of Engineering Degree work with an advisor to identify a course of study based on the student’s professional interests. Students are required to complete 10 approved courses, including a minimum of six fire protection engineering core courses.

All Professional Master of Engineering Programs consist of 10 courses/30 credits. All students are expected to complete a preliminary course plan for their intended degree program. Degree planning worksheets can be found here:

Course Title Credits
Complete at least six of the following core courses:18
Fire Dynamics
Enclosure Fire Modeling
Fire Induced Flows
Advanced Life Safety Analysis
Fire Dynamics Laboratory
Analytical Procedures of Structural Fire Protection
Advanced Fire Modeling
Smoke Detection and Management
Pre-approved elective options:12
Diffusion Flames and Burning Rate Theory
Total Credits30