History and Library & Information Science, Master of Arts and Master of Library and Information Science (dual degree) (M.A. and M.L.I.S.)

Thesis option: minimum of 54 credits
Non-thesis option: minimum of 54 credits

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits in the Department of History and a minimum of 24 credits in the College of Information Studies. Students have the option of specializing in one of the iSchool's specializations: Archives and Digital Curation, Community Analytics and Policy, Youth Experience, Diversity and Inclusion, or an Individualized Program Plan. Students completing a thesis must take 6 credits of HIST799.

Course Title Credits
Library and Information Science requirements:
LBSC602Serving Information Needs3
LBSC631Achieving Organizational Excellence3
LBSC671Creating Information Infrastructures3
LBSC791Designing Principled Inquiry3
LBSC703Field Study in Archives and Digital Curation3
or LBSC707 Field Study in Information Service
iSchool electives9
History requirements:
HIST601History and Contemporary Theory3
Approved major field courses12
Minimum of 3 credits in a General Seminar or Major Field3
HIST8xx Research Seminar3
Remainder of coursework9
Total Credits54