Human Development, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Doctoral students are required to complete 72 credits, including 12 credits of EDHD899. Students can specialize in either Educational Psychology or Developmental Science, and must complete an Independent Emprical Research Project as well as The Doctoral Comprehensive Knowledge Portfolio.

The Ph.D. degree requires 72 hours of credit which includes 12 dissertation credits. Courses in biological, social, and cognitive development and in intermediate statistics and research methods are required. Students also receive credit for research experiences. Slight modifications of these requirements characterize the Specializations in Educational Psychology and Developmental Sciences. Students are also required to complete a comprehensive examination portfolio prior to advancement to candidacy.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
EDMS651General Linear Models II3
EDHD780Research Methods in Human Development3
EDHD888Apprenticeship in Human Development Research12
Dissertation Research Requirement
EDHD899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Specialization Requirements
Select one of the following:42
Educational Psychogy
Developmental Science
Total Credits72

Specialization Requirements

Educational Psychology

Course Title Credits
EDHD760Advanced Educational Psychology3
EDHD835The Development of Achievement Motivation3
Select two of the following:6
Social Development and Socialization Processes
Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction
Human Development and Neuroscience
Electives approved by advisor30
Total Credits42

Developmental Science

Course Title Credits
EDHD690History and Systems in Human Development3
EDHD720Social Development and Socialization Processes3
EDHD721Cognitive Development and Learning: An Introduction3
EDHD775Human Development and Neuroscience3
EDHD840Language and Literacy Development3
EDHD629Seminar for the Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture6
Electives approved by advisor21
Total Credits42