Public Policy, Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.)

Non-thesis only: 48 credits required

Most MPP students take 4 courses per semester and finish the program in two years. Students may instead take 1-4 courses each semester and complete the degree in two-five years.

Between the first and second year, and/or during the academic year, most full-time students engage in internships in international, federal, state or local government agencies, non-profit organizations, or private firms that are engaged in the policy process. In addition to offering practical experiences and the opportunity to further develop skills acquired during the first year, these internships provide students with contacts and relationships useful for future projects and job placement.

About 150 students from a wide variety of undergraduate schools and majors, from all parts of the country, and from around the world enter the program each fall. The mean undergraduate grade point average of entering students is 3.6 and GRE scores average in the low to mid 600s.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688E - Normative and Political Dimensions of Public Policy)3
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688G - Management and Accountability)3
PLCY640Microeconomic and Policy Analysis3
PLCY610Quantitative Aspects of Public Policy3
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688I - Macroeconomics)2
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688R - Budgeting and Finance)2
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688Y - Practicing Public Policy in the 21st Century)3
PLCY688Topics in Public Policy (PLCY688T - Team-Based Policy Lab)3
PLCY699Selected Topics Public Policy (PLCY699W - Policy Engagement Project)2
PLCY790Project Course3
Specialization Requirements
Select one of the following:21
Environmental Policy
Energy Policy
Federal Acquisition
International Development Policy
International Security and Economic Policy
Management and Leadership
Non-profit Management and Leadership
Public Sector Financial Management
Social Policy
Total Credits48