School System Leadership, Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Students are required to have a master's degree as well as Administrator I Certification in order to be admitted into this program. The Doctor of Education requires 60 credits, as listed below: 

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
EDUC767Seminar on School District Leadership4
EDUC740Managing Educational Organizations in a Diverse Society4
EDUC705Education Policy Making and the School Leader4
EDUC747Advanced Seminar on Instructional Improvement for School Leaders4
EDUC760The Human Dimension in Administration4
EDUC770System Innovation and Transformation (Managing Innovation and Transformation of School Systems)4
EDUC773Seminar in School Finance and Resource Management (Seminar in School Finance and Resource Management)4
Research courses
EDMS738Seminar in Special Problems in Measurement (EDMS738F - Assessment and Evaluation for School Leaders)3
EDUC701Applied Research and Data Based Decision Making for School Leaders3
EDUC702Applied Research Design for Education Leaders3
Professional courses
EDUC703Conducting Library Research for Capstones2
EDUC704Introduction to Writing for Education Leaders2
EDUC888Applied Apprenticeship in Education7
Mid-Program Evaluation and Capstone
EDUC828Mid-Program Evaluation Portfolio (Mid-Program Evaluation: Portfolio)6
EDUC829 (Capstone)6
Total Credits60