Security and Terrorism Studies, Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

 Non-thesis only (capstone required): 36 credits 

Capstone description: 

Students will be expected to complete literature reviews and quantitative or qualitative research. These will form the basis for the capstone project. The capstone is expected to result in a research report that details an aspect of their research and/or career interests. For example, a student working for a non-profit or non-governmental organization focused on countering violent extremism (CVE) may wish to focus their capstone on developing an innovative CVE program evaluation survey or method. A student interested in becoming, or who is, an intelligence analyst may instead want to focus their capstone project on a specific threat actor and attempt to understand new linkages between that threat actor and others. Students will be expected to work with the program director and a faculty advisor to approve their capstone proposal.

Course Title Credits
BSST630Motivations and Intents of Terrorists and Terrorist Groups3
BSST631Societal Impacts of and Responses to Terrorism3
BSST633Research Methods in Terrorism and Counterterrorism3
BSST634Legal and Criminal Approaches to Counterterrorism3
BSST635Countering Violent Extremism: Policy and Practice3
BSST640Theories of Security and Terrorism Studies3
BSST641U.S. Security Infrastructure3
BSST642Analytic Methods (Analytic Methods)3
BSST643Great Powers & Near-Peer Competition3
BSST644 (Counterproliferation)3
BSST645Non-state Actors Threats and Responses3
BSST697Capstone (Capstone)3
Total Credits36