Survey and Data Science, Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

The online International Master of Professional Studies in Survey and Data Science will provide post-baccalaureate training for individuals interested in broadening their knowledge and understanding of the emerging field of data science, the conduct of sample surveys, practical applications of data analysis and survey methodology, and data management, along with the skills needed to communicate results.
Survey methodology, which is already an interdisciplinary field drawing upon statistics, sociology, economics, political science, informatics, public health (e.g., physical measures taken on respondents), and the geographic sciences (e.g., geographic information systems), is now intersecting with the big data world. As public and private organizations are increasingly combining various data sources, including survey data, for the purpose of decision making, the need for professional development in data generation, quality and analysis is on the rise. The online environment is convenient for working professionals who cannot easily travel to a traditional campus. In addition, courses will be shared with our international partners, providing a rich perspective to class discussions.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
SURV400Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science3
Data Generating Processes (choose 4 credits)4
Data Collection Methods in Survey Research
Questionnaire Design and Evaluation
Special Topics in Survey Methodology (SURV699L - Record Linkage)
Practical Tools for Sampling and Weighting
Applied Sampling
Research Design: Causal inference from randomized and observational data
Data Curation and Storage (choose one course)3
Database Design
Big Data Infrastructure
Principles of Digital Curation
Data Analysis (choose 6 credits)6
Analysis of Complex Sample Data
Introduction to Big Data and Machine Learning
Measurement Error Models
Advanced Topics in Survey Methodology (SURV798Z - Bayesian Analysis)
Data Output/Access (choose 3 credits)3
Information Ethics
Data Confidentiality and Statistical Disclosure Control
Data Visualization
Total Credits30