Theatre and Performance Studies, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Students are required to complete a set of core courses, electives, and dissertation research. In addition, students must fulfill the production/performance requirement.

Members of the student's comprehensive examination committee write the questions. Area questions are designed to interrogate both literary and performance issues. Selected by the student and her/his advisor, the examination committee consists of the advisor and at least two members of the core and/or affiliate faculty. Exams may be taken one of two ways: in-house or take home with an oral defense. The examinations are based on course work and reading lists. All students are responsible for a core reading list of approximately 15-20 books and articles. In addition to the core reading lists, each student will be responsible for developing a reading list of no less than 50 books and articles reflective of the student's dissertation topic and tailored to his/her interests as they relate to the examination areas. Students devise these lists in consultation with the members of her/his committee. Students have two opportunities to pass the comprehensive examinations. Please note that the examinations are only offered at specific times each semester and that students must plan to take the comprehensive exams during these times.
All doctoral students will engage in original research (in some cases, complemented by appropriate non-print documentation), the result of which is a book-length manuscript. In consultation with her/his advisor, the student selects a five-member dissertation committee. At least three committee members must be permanent members of the University of Maryland Graduate Faculty and each committee must have a chairperson who is a permanent member of the graduate faculty. Please note that the Dean's Representative on the committee may not be a member of the History/Theory Area, but must be from another department at the University of Maryland. In rare cases, students will need an expert in an area not represented by the History/Theory Faculty. Students are reminded that these members must be present at the defense and that the Department cannot guarantee to fund the travel of committee members from other universities.
Each doctoral student must defend her/his dissertation orally as a requirement in partial fulfillment of the doctoral degree. Dissertations must follow the guidelines established by the University. Please see the Graduate Student Handbook (available online through the Graduate School) for guidelines on committee selection and defense procedures.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
THET606Teaching Theatre 11
THET700Introduction to Graduate Research Methods3
THET711Critical Theory3
THET712Historical Research Methods and Historiography in Theatre3
THET713Performance Studies3
Select electives within the School of Theatre Dance and Performance Studies12
Select electives outside of the School of Theatre Dance and Performance Studies6
Comprehensive Exams:
History of Drama and Performance
Theory of Drama and Performance
Dissertation Prospectus
Dissertation Research Requirements
THET899Doctoral Dissertation Research12
Total Credits43

All teaching assistants should complete one credit of THET606.