Middle School Education, Master of Education (certification, M.Ed.)

Non-thesis only: 38 credits required

In addition to the course requirements, students must complete the following non-course requirements:

  • Pass the Basic Skills Examination
  • Pass the Praxis II Examination
Course Title Credits
EDHD413Adolescent Development3
TLPL641Reading, Cognition, and Instruction: Reading in the Content Areas I3
EDSP603Instruction of Students with Physical Disabilities (EDSP603B)3
TLPL413Teaching and Learning Middle School Mathematics3
or TLPL420 Knowledge, Reasoning, and Learning in Science
TLPL606Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Secondary Schools3
or TLPL626 Learning to Teach and Learn Science
TLPL423Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Middle Grades I2
TLPL424Interdisciplinary Teaching in the Middle Grades II2
TLPL678Professional Seminar in Education1
TLPL698Conducting Research on Teaching3
TLPL689Internship in Education8
Total Credits38