Dance, Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Thesis only: 60 credits required 

Students enrolled in the program must complete a total of 60 credit hours of study with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to graduate and will be assessed on a regular basis to determine their progress. Graduation from the program requires the successful completion of a final project demonstrating a synthesis of craft and artistic understanding as well as professional competence in the area of concentration. Final projects consist of:

  1. the thesis project consisting of the public presentation of a dance work choreographed by the candidate, along with written documentation of the project as agreed upon with the thesis adviser;
  2. the presentation of an online portfolio of selected indicators of artistry and pedagogy.

The thesis project work may be presented in one or more publicly attended events, in a shared capacity with another MFA candidate. Candidates are responsible for the organization of all production elements involved in the presentation of the project.

The following courses are required. Students should check with their advisor to determine the remainder of their coursework.

Course Title Credits
Core Requirements
DANC600Graduate Dance Research3
DANC604Graduate Studies in Dance Pedagogy3
DANC608Graduate Choreography I: Creative Process3
DANC610Workshop in the Direction of Dance Production1
DANC611Dance Technology and Media1
DANC648Advanced Modern Dance Technique I1
DANC649Advanced Modern Dance Technique II1
DANC699Thesis Writing Lab1
DANC708Graduate Choreography II: Collaboration3
DANC719Graduate Choreography III: Projects3
DANC766Graduate Movement Observation and Analysis3
DANC784Dance in a Global Context3
DANC799Master's Thesis Project6
TDPS789Professional Development in Dance and Theatre1
Electives approved with advisor27
Total Credits60