Information Management, Master of Information Management (M.I.M.)

Thesis option: 36 credits
Non-thesis option: 36 credits

Successful completion of the MIM degree requires that students complete 36 credit hours of academic work with at least a B average (3.0 GPA). Full-time students complete the program in 24 months. Part-time students typically complete the program in two to three academic years. Students may take courses in daytime and evening and may switch between part-time and full-time enrollment. However, all coursework must be finished within five calendar years of the first registration.

All MIM students must complete four core courses, which provide a foundation of skills and knowledge related to information, technology, user analysis, and management. These courses must be completed within student’s first 18 credits in the program. The MIM core courses include INFM600, INFM603, INFM605, and INFM612.

After completing the MIM core courses, all students are required to complete a set of electives that provide depth of knowledge in one or more areas of information management expertise. To help students satisfy this requirement, the MIM program offers a variety of focus areas and specialization guidelines, which provide students with examples of ways their MIM elective coursework can be organized to meet their educational and professional goals. The program offers seven focus areas (cyber threat intelligence, data science and analytics, game and entertainment analytics, information risk management, smart cities and connected communities, strategic management, and technology development) and two specialization tracks(Information Analysis - with a focus on either Data Analytics or Strategic Management and Technology Design - with a focus on Technology Development).

If students are interested in developing a general course of study, there is an option for the Individualized Program Plan. There is also an option for writing a thesis through the  Information Management Research track.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
INFM600Information Environments3
INFM603Information Technology and Organizational Context3
INFM605Users and Use Context3
INFM612Management Concepts and Principles for Information Professionals3
Thesis or Non-Thesis Requirements
Select one of the following:6
Master's Thesis Research
Information Management Experience
Information Management Capstone Experience
Specialization Options
Select one of the following:18
Data Analytics 1
Strategic Management 1
Technology Development 1
Information Management Research 2
Individualized Program Plan 1
Total Credits36

Non-thesis option only


Thesis option only