Sociology, Master of Arts (M.A.)

The graduate program in the Department of Sociology is designed for Ph.D. students. We do not offer a terminal Masters program and we will not accept or enroll students for the single purpose of acquiring a Masters degree. However, doctoral students may obtain a Master of Arts degree during their course of doctoral study by completing 30 credit hours.

Course Title Credits
Required courses:
SOCY620Development of European and American Sociological Theory3
SOCY601Statistics For Sociological Research I3
SOCY602Statistics For Sociological Research II3
SOCY699Special Social Problems (SOCY699D - Special Social Problems)3
SOCY699Special Social Problems (SOCY699C - Special Social Problems)1
SOCY616Sociology Pro-Seminar1
Select one course in proposal development3
Complete an original research paper in the fourth semester3
Remainder of coursework10
Total Credits30