PHPE - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

PHPE400 Individual and Group Decision-Making (3 Credits)

Foundational issues that arise within the theories of rational choice that underlie the treatments of decision-making found in economics, politics, and the other social sciences. The course is focused on individual decisions (rational choice theory), strategic decisions (game theory) and group decisions (social choice theory). In addition to presenting the formal models of decision making, we also discuss to what extent these mathematical theories explain social interactions. An important aspect of the course is to introduce students to the ways in which economic analysis has been applied to issues in social and political philosophy. Readings will be drawn from the literature in economics, psychology, statistics and political science, as well as philosophy.

PHPE402 Senior Capstone in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (3 Credits)

Senior capstone course for the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major. The exact content of the course will be determined by the instructor who teaches it. The purpose of the course is to pursue sustained inquiry on a narrow philosophical topic, using the tools and methods from economics and political science to help analyze the topic. The course ends with a substantial research paper, where the student should demonstrate an ability to use the tools of philosophy, political science, and economics in his or her analysis.