BSCV181 Civicus Student and the University (1 Credit)

Knowledge and skills designed to utilize CIVICUS to enhance the college experience and preparation for civic engagement.

Restriction: Freshman standing; and must be in the Civicus program.

BSCV182 Civicus and Service-Learning (1 Credit)

Students will examine domestic societal issues and their national, regional, and local dimensions from political, economic, and policy perspectives. Students will work with local direct service non-profit organizations.

Prerequisite: BSCV191.

Restriction: Must be in the Civicus program.

BSCV191 Introduction to Civicus (3 Credits)

Students will explore a range of ways to think about what it means to fully engage in communities, conduct research and scholarly inquiry to explore pressing contemporary problems, consider the roots of social issues, and explore ways to create positive social change on a school, local, state, and national level.

Restriction: Must be in the CIVICUS Program.

BSCV301 Leadership in a Multicultural Society (3 Credits)

A study and application of skills, historical context, theories, and concepts for constructive leadership in a pluralistic, multicultural, and diverse society. Social science methodologies and theories will provide the structure for the study of contemporary social problems, civil society issues, and leadership practices.

Prerequisite: BSCV182.

Restriction: Must be in the CIVICUS program.

BSCV302 Civicus Capstone (3 Credits)

Capstone course required for CIVICUS citation. Through a supervised internship, students gain hands-on experience in an area related to civic engagement, which gives students authentic experiences that help them develop hard and soft skills to support their community engagement efforts and their work toward social good.

Prerequisite: BSCV301.

Restriction: Sophomore standing or higher. Must be in the CIVICUS Program.

BSCV309 Civicus Seminar (1 Credit)

Review and analysis of contemporary social issues.

Restriction: Must be in the CIVICUS program.

Repeatable to: 5 credits if content differs.