Admission to Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP)

The University has taken steps to limit enrollment in certain majors in order to maintain high-quality programs. These majors include business, engineering, journalism, biological sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental sciences and policy (biodiversity and conservation), communication, criminology and criminal justice, government and politics, and psychology. Students should check the LEP website at or contact the Coordinator for Admission and Limited Enrollment Programs at 301-314-8385 or for updated information.


Admission of new freshmen to some LEPs is highly selective. LEPs with highly selective admission for freshmen include business, engineering, biological sciences, biochemistry, and chemistry. Because space may be limited for a particular major, early application is encouraged. Freshmen who are directly admitted to an LEP will be subject to a performance review when they complete 45 college credits. The review varies from program to program, but always includes satisfactory performance in a set of appropriate courses. Students not passing the review will be required to choose another major. See the academic program description for specific details.

Freshmen not directly admitted to an LEP may be assigned to Letters and Sciences. Students are not guaranteed admission to an LEP at a later date, although they may gain admission by meeting the requirements outlined in their particular program. See the following section on LEP transfer admission and the LEP program descriptions for further details about this option.

Second Major

Enrolled students interested in adding an LEP as a second major should see Degree Requirements.


Prospective transfer students and current UMD students wishing to change their major to an LEP must meet a set of gateway courses with minimum grades and obtain the required GPA in order to be considered for admission to the program (space limitations may apply). Additional information for each of the LEPs may be found in the descriptions of academic majors.

Transfer students who are not directly admitted to an LEP upon application to the university will be assigned to Letters and Sciences. Those with fewer than 60 credits will be assigned to Letters and Sciences, and will be allowed the opportunity to meet the gateway requirements. Students with more than 60 credits will be admitted to an interim advising program in Letters and Sciences where they will be advised regarding their qualifications for the LEP and, in some cases, students will need to choose another major.