Army Leadership Studies Minor

Program Director: LTC Daniel Fass

The Army Leadership Studies program promotes the development of undergraduate students on small group leadership. Students will walk away with an in-depth understanding of Small Unit Tactics, Land Navigation and Field Training, Operations and Logistical Planning, Team Building, and Peer-to-Peer counseling. The core courses in the Minor are sequenced to meet the increasingly complex sets of outcomes-based instruction across cognitive, personal development, and group/organizational domains.

The Army Leadership Studies minor consist of the courses identified below and is open to any student at the University of Maryland.  Students of all majors will be eligible to apply and prior military or ROTC experience is not required.  Students seeking a minor in Army Leadership Studies must be approved by the Director of Army ROTC.

Course Title Credits
ARMY301Advanced Military Leadership I3
ARMY302Advanced Military Leadership II3
ARMY401Advanced Military Leadership III3
ARMY402Advanced Military Leadership IV3
HIST224Modern Military History, 1494-18153
or HIST225 Modern Military History, 1815-Present
Total Credits15

At the 300 level, students learn the application of Army leadership strategies, critical decision making methodologies, physical and mental fitness excellence. Includes a laboratory period in applied leadership, common military tasks and physical fitness, as well as a three day field exercise.

At the 400 level, students learn the military system and code of ethics in the military environment is studied. Topics include code of conduct during all forms of military operations, the Geneva Conventions and the ethical decision making process. Also includes a laboratory in applied leadership skills, fitness excellence and two field exercises.