Guided Study Sessions (GSS)

1117 Edward St. John

What are Guided Study Sessions (GSS)?

The GSS program offers regularly scheduled, collaborative study sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. In GSS, students get together with their classmates to compare notes, discuss important concepts, work on practice problems, develop study strategies, and test themselves before the professor does. Sessions are held for 50 minutes twice a week and are informal—students are encouraged to drop in for as many or as few as they would like. For a full schedule of courses and session times, please visit our website.

Who Leads GSS?

Our GSS Leaders are undergraduate students who previously took their assigned course and earned an A. They attend course lectures for the second time alongside the rest of the class, hearing what they hear and reading what they read. To help put everything in perspective, GSS Leaders plan their sessions to guide students through difficult concepts in an active learning environment.