Department of Kinesiology
School of Public Health Building
Phone: 301-405-2450

The Department of Kinesiology offers a Bachelor of Science Degree. Students gain conceptual and experiential knowledge in the anatomical, physiological, psychological, sociological, and historical perspectives on physical activity, movement, exercise and sport. Our undergraduates majoring in Kinesiology will go on to further study in health professions (such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine), sport-related professions (athletic training, strength and conditioning, sport management, sport marketing, coaching), fitness-related professions (exercise leader, personal trainer) and other public health and physical activity-related careers (physical education, recreation). Our students are prepared to pursue graduate programs in Kinesiology and related fields.  We offer a vibrant departmental Honors Program to students who excel in our program and seek research experience.

A brief description of the program follows. Students should obtain a current Student Handbook for the Kinesiology degree on the web at The program requires a grade of "C-" or better in all required course-work.

Chair: M. Brown (Prof & Chair)

Professors: D. Andrews, J. Hagberg, B. Hatfield, S. Iso-Ahola, S. Roth, J. Shim

Associate Professors: R. Gentili, S. Jette, S. McDaniel, R. Miller, S. Prior, S. Ranadive, J. Roberts, J. Smith

Assistant Professors: S. Kuzmiak-Glancy 

Senior Lecturers: E. Brown, J. Goldstein, J. Klossner, K. Klotz, R. Mower, J. Zimmerman

Lecturers: M. Friedman, A. Ginsberg,  A. Liberto, R. Lindle, J. Montfort,  L. Plotkin  

Associate Research Professor: T. Kiemel (Honors Director)

Assistant Research Professor: H. Oh

Director of Physical Activity Program: A. Liberto

Director of Graduate Studies: S. Jette

Director of Undergraduate Studies: P. Sebastian-Schurer

Director of the MPH-PA Graduate Program: V. Cholet

Director of PE-MCERT Program: C. Grant

Professors Emeriti: J. Clark, D. Clarke, C. Dotson, B. Franks, B. Hurley, J. Jeka, D. Kelley, S. Phillips, D. Steel, J. Wrenn

There are a variety of advisors available to assist you with your degree progress and future plans. Kinesiology advisors assist with registration procedures, program updates, university resources, career guidance, and related issues. Students are strongly encouraged to follow their approved academic plan for timely progress throughout the degree program. Changes in the academic plan should be discussed with an academic advisor.

Walk-in hours are available each semester and advertised through the KNES listserv. Students are encouraged to use the online advising appointment process or email an advisor at

Advising is mandatory for new students, student-athletes, and students on academic probation. However, it is highly recommended all students meet with an advisor regularly. Additionally, meeting with a pre-health or career advisor in addition to an academic advisor is strongly encouraged.

To learn more about advising for Kinesiology students visit

Dr. Elizabeth Brown; Instructor, Advisor & Internship Coordinator,

April Khaing; Advisor/Orientation & Recruiting, 

Dr. Joanne Klossner; Instructor, Advisor & Internship Coordinator,

Dr. Polly Schurer; Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Lindsey Winter; Senior Advisor,

Schedule an appointment online:

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Undergraduate research experiences are strongly encouraged.

Research internships are available from 1 to 3 credits and are recommended at the junior or senior level, following the completion of most kinesiology core courses but requests can be made to participate earlier.

Additional information is available on the UMD Undergraduate Research website or by contacting the director of the undergraduate programs (301-405-2480).


Internships are strongly encouraged to assist students in connecting and applying academic and conceptual knowledge to the real world. Most students consider internships during their junior and senior years (or earlier in certain situations) following the completion of related kinesiology core and options courses.

From a practical perspective, internships are invaluable in helping students focus on career options, gain experience, establish professional contacts and, perhaps most importantly, deciding whether a particular field is truly a good fit both professionally and personally. Students can take up to 15 credits of internship credits.

Additional information is available on the department website or by contacting a member of our advising team.

Honors Program

The Department of Kinesiology Honors Program provides an opportunity for students to engage in challenging educational experiences related to the study of human movement, sport, and exercise. Students with strong intellectual interests and the ability to pursue those interests at a high level are eligible for this program. The goal of the Honors Program is to nurture these students and encourage them to pursue their interests in a range of intellectual topics. The Honors Program in the Department of Kinesiology is primarily designed for junior and senior level students to encourage them to engage in scholarly independent study and discussions.

Students interested in entering the Honors Program should visit the following website:

Admission to the Honors Program is based on a multifaceted set of criteria and administered through the Departmental Honors Committee. Students interested in entering the Honors Program should submit a written request to the Chair of the Honors Program, described below in detail. Each application will be treated on an individual basis; therefore the Honors Committee may take work experience, leadership, motivation and maturity into consideration. Contact the Director for more information. The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements and is expected to participate in the Honors Program for a minimum of 3 semesters:

  1. An overall GPA of 3.50 on a minimum of 45 credits. (Exception: Students who are close to achieving a 3.50 GPA may submit additional materials to the Honors Committee for consideration.)
  2. Have a 3.50 GPA in courses taken within the Department of Kinesiology, to include at least 9 credits from the following courses: KNES287, 293, 300, 350, 360, 370, 385.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

Kinesiology Student Organization (KSO)

The mission of this Kinesiology Student Organization is to increase networking within the department (students, faculty, alumni), expose members to a variety of resources to help them succeed, and to enhance the overall sense of community through social events and community service. This is a student run organization that values opinions and ideas from everyone in the kinesiology community.

E-mail to subscribe to the group's list-serve.

Pre-Physical Therapy Association

The Pre-Physical Therapy Association is a student organization that is directed towards students who are seeking a career or are interested in physical therapy. This organization is designed to prepare students for entrance into a professional curriculum for physical therapy at institutions that offer professional advanced degrees. Our goal is to be an effective organization that guides its members to become competitive candidates for PT school. We prepare our members by organizing meetings regarding GREs, PT school applications, resumes, community service, different paths in the PT field, plus much more.

The Pre-Physician Assistant Club 

The purpose of the “Pre-PA Club" is to prepare students for the profession by providing students with different opportunities to explore and learn the profession, inform students of the history and the purpose of the profession, and to provide students information about the admission requirements for PA schools and on the application process. The club provides a welcoming, safe and fun environment for students to come together with an interest in becoming a physician assistant. We will do volunteer work, fundraisers, guest speaker events and more to learn and gain knowledge and access to the medical world.

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Association 

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Association is a student organization consisting of students who are seeking a career or are interested in the field of occupational therapy. This organization is designed to prepare students for entrance into Occupational Therapy school at institutions that offer professional MS and OTD degrees.

Sport Business Society 

Our goal is to expose our members to the business side of the sports we love. We take a look behind the curtain to examine the economic and business underpinnings that drive the decisions that are reported on ESPN and discussed around water coolers across the country. To get a well-rounded view of this world we bring in guests from all over the sports world to speak to our club. This includes visits from owners, reporters, coaches, talent evaluators, agents, contract negotiators, and many more. Members get much more than just a better understanding of sports. Through listening and interacting with very accomplished guests we learn how they have become successful. The lessons learned are applicable not only in the business world (sports or not) but in life as well. We also have occasional social events such as trips to sporting events or tailgates to let members socialize and connect.

Phi Alpha Epsilon

Phi Alpha Epsilon (PAE) is a local honorary society open to undergraduate and graduate students in Kinesiology, Behavioral and Community Health, Family Science, and Public Health Science. The organization was founded in the fall of 1952 by students and faculty of the college that would recognize academic achievement and promote professional development. Members make a commitment to provide service to the college, university, and community.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) administers all types of federal, state and institutional financial assistance programs and, in cooperation with other university offices, participates in the awarding of scholarships to deserving students. For information, visit: or

For information on departmental scholarships, please visit the department website: