LGBTQ+ Equity Center

2218 Marie Mount Hall
Phone: 301-405-8720

Associate Director: Shantala Thompson, MA

The LGBTQ+ Equity Center provides the campus with leadership and expertise in building a fully equitable community; strengthens and supports people of diverse sexes, gender identities or expressions, and sexual orientations; and develops visible and vibrant LGBTQ+ campus communities.
Student-Centered Objectives
Campus Transformation toward a Fully Equitable Community for LGBTQ+ People

  • Fully inclusive campus climate that embraces LGBTQ+ people and meets their needs
  • Campus policies in support of LGBTQ+ people and procedures that enact those policies within relevant units
  • Widespread and diverse dedicated resources in support of LGBTQ+ people
  • Competency within each functional area for working effectively with LGBTQ+ people

LGBTQ+ Social Justice Leadership Development

  • Effective student leadership to develop and sustain LGBTQ+ communities throughout the campus

LGBTQ+ Student and Community Development

  • Retention, persistence, and graduation rates of LGBTQ+ students on par with or greater than the general student body
  • Development of confident identities with a sense of belonging at the university
  • Establishment of habits promoting wellness and resiliency
  • Visible and vibrant LGBTQ+ communities throughout the campus