MITH - Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

MITH301 Digital Publishing with Minimal Computing: Humanities at a Global Scale (3 Credits)

In this Global Classrooms course, students of the University of Maryland and Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, will come together to learn how to create and assess websites from a critical and humanities-focused perspective. Specifically, the course will introduce "minimal computing" approaches, which privilege the use of open technologies, ownership of data and code, reduction in computing infrastructure and, consequently, environmental impact. The course is structured around a group project with students from both universities. You will collaborate virtually to create a multilingual (Spanish and English) digital edition of a colonial era text, while learning about Digital Humanities approaches to literary studies, digital publishing, history, and postcolonial studies.

Credit Only Granted for: MITH301, ENGL378M, CMLT398M, or LACS348C.

Additional Information: Knowledge of the Spanish language is not required as teaching and collaboration will be conducted in English. In the spirit of fostering a multilingual approach, however, we will not discourage the use of Spanish among students and instructors; mutual respect and cooperation are paramount to the success of your course project.

MITH388 Digital Humanities Research Assistantship (1-3 Credits)

An applied introduction to the theory and practice of digital research. The internship includes regular meetings with MITH staff, including designers, developers, information professionals, project managers, and faculty, to gain knowledge of existing digital scholarship and resources within the arts and humanities. Students may contribute to existing MITH projects or propose a small, independent research project on which they will receive support from MITH staff.

Restriction: Permission of instructor.

Repeatable to: 6 credits.

MITH498 Special Topics in Applied Digital Humanities (3 Credits)

An introduction to special topics, and technical approaches, for theoretically grounded humanities and social sciences digital research. Class meetings will introduce students to a variety of technical approaches potentially applicable to the specific topical foci; the theoretical basis for selecting, evaluating, and modifying technical approaches; and best practices in project management.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.