Leadership Studies Certificate

Counseling, Higher Education and Special Education (CHSE)

Program Director: Courtney Holder

The Leadership Studies Program promotes college student leadership development by educating undergraduate students for and about leadership in a complex world. Both the minor and certificate options prepare students to effectively engage in leadership in both formal and informal ways within campus, local, national, and global contexts.

Leadership Studies students explore leadership theory and practice from a variety of social, historic, and disciplinary lenses and are challenged to think about leadership critically and broadly, beyond dominant narratives of position and authority. Students are also encouraged to identify a working philosophy of leadership that can advance their thinking around ethics, civic engagement, and the importance of working within diverse and multicultural environments. These areas are critical aspects of leadership that require faculty and students to build and critically evaluate existing theoretical, research-based, and practical knowledge of leadership.

Beyond the classroom, leadership studies students can use their knowledge, skills, and competencies gained from this academic program to enhance their sense of self and engagement with others, as well as their practice within their major discipline, future career, and ongoing engagement with communities and organizations.

The Leadership Studies Program is made possible through a partnership between the Department of Counseling, Higher Education & Special Education and the Leadership & Community Service-Learning office in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life.

Application and Eligibility

Applications are available online and are reviewed on a rolling basis each fall and spring semester. Students are asked to respond to three short-essay questions and share their plan for completing the program requirements. Students will be notified of their application status via email approximately 2-3 weeks after submitting their application. Students may apply to the leadership studies program if they meet the following requirements:

  • Student is currently enrolled in HESI217 or has completed HESI217 with a C- or better.
  • Student is in good academic standing.
  • Student has at least one full academic year left before graduating from UMD.
  • Student has completed no more than 9 credits of leadership studies coursework prior to acceptance into the program.

The Leadership Studies Certificate consists of 21 credits. At least 12 credits must be at the 300 level or above. Additionally, no more than 6 credits from a student's minor or certificate program can also be applied to a student's major, and no more than 6 credits may be taken at an institution other than the University of Maryland, College Park. No course with an earned grade below C- may count towards the minor or certificate.

Course Title Credits
Requirements for the Certificate
HESI Leadership Elective (from pre-approved list)3
Select two elective courses, from our pre-approved elective list6
Total Credits21