Disability Studies Minor

Program Director: Carolyn M. Fink, Ph.D.

The Disability Studies minor enhances student understanding and inquiry for an evolving, inclusive, interconnected world by reframing disability as a social construct that exists along a continuum of human diversity.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Increase cultural competency by critically examining disability as a global societal phenomenon.
  2. Acquire an awareness and understanding of the various roles and rights of disability in history and in modern society.
  3. Explore the Disability Studies' framework within their field of study and intended profession to enhance advocacy, inclusive best practices, and their role as a change agent.
  4. Examine ways in which systems inhibit and promote full participation of people with disabilities.
  5. Develop analytical and observation skills and apply inclusive disability frameworks to academic, professional, and personal lives.
Course Title Credits
Lower Division Foundational Courses 16
Disability: From Stigma and Sideshow to Mainstream and Main Street
Disability in Community: Access, Accommodation, and Adaptation
Introduction to Hearing and Speech Sciences
Elective Courses 19
Select three of the following courses:
Strategic Management of Human Capital
Essentials of Intercultural Communication
Technology, Culture, and Society
Your Brain on Education: The Neuroscience of Learning and Development
Disability in Community: Access, Accommodation, and Adaptation
Fundamentals of Sign Language
Introduction to Special Education
Communicating with Sign Language
Special Problems in Special Education 2
Family Health: Health Happens in Families
Assistive Robotics 3
Introduction to Hearing and Speech Sciences
Experiential Learning
Adapted Physical Activity: Empowering People with Disabilities to Lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle
Examining Pluralism in Public Policy
Multicultural Psychology in the U.S.
Sociology of Health and Illness
Total Credits15

All courses listed are 3 credit courses.


Students enrolling in EDSP498 must register for 3 credits.


Requires permission of the School of Engineering.

Students must pass all courses for the minor with a grade of C or better. No more than six credits can come from off-campus (study abroad, transfer, etc.). Nine of the 15 credits required for the minor must be at the 300 course level or above.

Other elective courses may be included in the DS minor with program advisor's approval.