Management Major

Associate Dean: Dr. Joseph Bailey
Assistant Dean: Brian Horick

The Robert H. Smith School of Business has long been recognized as a leading undergraduate program in management and entrepreneurship. Both these programs regularly appear highly ranked in a variety of publications. The management major focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving applicable in many careers.

The core of the management major offers two courses in leadership and negotiations. These core courses emphasize skills students need in a changing employment environment. As more jobs become automated, managing people and solving tough problems will become increasingly important to attaining meaningful employment. The core classes in the management major provide education in problem solving, leadership, and effective teamwork. The demanding and fast-paced careers of the future will require students to demonstrate a strong ability to communicate and solve problems in a team under extreme pressure. The core major classes prepare students for careers in areas such as strategy, information technology, operations, healthcare administration, and organizational transformation.

There are a number of potential career paths stemming from the management major, such as consulting analyst, financial advisor, human resource management, nonprofit management, rotational leadership programs, and entrepreneur, including social entrepreneurship. These are grouped into two major areas of focus, leadership & innovation and entrepreneurship. Both areas focus on critical thinking and problem solving, and allow students to create a major tailored to their future goals.

The Management & Organization department has relationships with a number of centers of excellence, including the Dignman Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change which provide relationships with professors, researchers, and organizations for students interested in enhancing their course of study with co-curriculuar opportunities.  

Admission to the Major

See "Admission Requirements" on the Robert H. Smith School of Business page.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply elements of critical thinking.
  2. Identify common situations in chosen career that could result in ethical dilemma.
  3. Analyze ethical scenarios and apply frameworks to develop solutions.
  4. Foster and sustain team environments that are inclusive of ideas from all contributing members.
  5. Apply leadership skills to motivate and coordinate with other to achieve goals.
  6. Write professional-grade business documents.
  7. Develop and deliver effective oral presentations.
  8. Identify and use appropriate quantitative tools and techniques.
  9. Use software applications to analyze and solve problems.
  10. Explain how functional areas interact and drive one another.
  11. Develop and implement a concrete, relevant, and practical action plan based on a set of leadership approaches and skills selected best for a given management problem.
  12. Identify key strengths and weaknesses of students’ leadership skills and abilities based on the assessment data and self-reflection.
  13. Apply negotiation concepts to prepare for and execute an actual negotiation based on strategic and tactical choices made best for a given situation.
  14. Identify key strengths and weaknesses of students’ negotiation skills and styles based on the assessment data and self-reflection.

Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration of the Management major are as follows:

Course Title Credits
College Requirements
BMGT363Leadership and Teamwork in Organizations3
Select four of the following:12
Strategic Management of Human Capital
Growth Strategies for Emerging Companies
Cross-cultural Challenges in Business
Global Business Strategy
Special Topics in Management and Organization 1
Management and Organization Short-term Study Abroad 1
Total Credits18

A maximum combined total of 6 credits of BMGT468 and BMGT469 coursework can satisfy Management major requirements.

The Management major is also offered at The Universities at Shady Grove in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Click here to see more information about the Robert H. Smith School of Business's undergraduate offerings at the Shady Grove campus.

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