African Studies Minor

Program Coordinator: George Kintiba, Ph.D.

The African Studies Minor focuses on the history, culture, politics and economics of the peoples who populate the continent of Africa.  As an interdisciplinary field of study, the minor will provide students with an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that have and continue to shape political, economic and social development in Africa.

The African Studies Minor will include a total of 15 (18 if the student elects to pursue the optional Capstone offering) composed of the following:

Course Title Credits
Foundational Course
AASP200African Civilization3
Courses of Choice (two must be at the upper level)
Area 1: History, Culture, and Language (2 courses)6
African Slave Trade
Caribbean Women
Black Diaspora Literature and Culture
African, Indian and Caribbean Writers
Special Topics in African American, African, and African Diaspora Literatures (topics vary; must be approved)
African-American History to 1865
History of South Africa
Special Topics in History (The African City: From Ancient Mali to Modern Johannesburg)
Selected Topics in History (HIST428B: Seven Revolutions in Post War Africa)
Any approved African language course 1
Area 2: Politics, Society, and Development (2 courses)6
HIV/AIDS in a Global Perspective
Issues in African Development
World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies
Economic Development of Underdeveloped Areas
Development Geography: Environmental & Social Justice
Changing Geographies of Sub-Saharan Africa
The Politics of Global Development
Capstone Course (optional)
Directed Readings in African American Studies
Research Directions in African-American Studies
Special Topics in Africa and the Americas (AASP468Z: South Africa Study Abroad Seminar))
Total Credits15

AASD presently offers introduction and elementary courses in Igbo, Twi and Yoruba, and students may also take courses in Swahili through the Big 10 Alliance.


Other relevant courses with permission of the program. Please see the academic advisor in AASD for an approved list of courses.