Readmission and Reinstatement

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Students who are admitted and do not register for their first semester or cancel registration prior to beginning their first semester must apply again for admission (see Freshman or Transfer Admission). Students who are admitted as "Term Only" also must apply again for admission if they wish to register for a subsequent term. Students admitted as "Non-Degree" seeking students, who would like to become degree-seeking students, must apply again for admission (see Transfer Admission).

Students who have matriculated and registered and did not maintain that registration continuously (fall and spring semesters) to graduation, must apply for readmission or reinstatement to re-enroll at the University of Maryland.

See "Withdrawal from the University" on the Registration page for more detailed information.


Students must apply for readmission if they interrupt registration for one or more semesters and were not academically dismissed at the conclusion of the last semester of attendance.


Students who are academically dismissed from the university must apply for reinstatement. All applications for reinstatement are reviewed by a Faculty Petition Board. Students may apply for reinstatement for the semester immediately following dismissal or for any subsequent semester. Only the Faculty Petition Board can grant reinstatement.

Students who are denied reinstatement may be required to comply with specific recommendations made by the Faculty Petition Board in order to be considered for reinstatement in a future semester.

Reinstatement After Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from the university must apply for reinstatement if they interrupt enrollment for one or more semesters.

Students may apply for readmission or reinstatement at


Applications for readmission and reinstatement may be accessed via the web at

Application Deadlines (Readmission and Reinstatement)1

Semester Date
Fall April 1st
Spring November 1st

Students who wish to re-enroll for summer term must apply for fall re-enrollment. Students who wish to enroll for winter term must apply for spring re-enrollment. 

Students who have been academically dismissed and wish to return the following semester must apply by:

  • June 1st for Fall enrollment
  • January 6th for Spring enrollment

All students are encouraged to apply early in order to take advantage of early registration.

Summer School

Students who are dismissed or withdraw at the end of the Fall semester are not eligible to attend Summer Sessions unless or until they are approved for reinstatement. Students dismissed at the end of a Spring semester may attend any Summer Sessions prior to being reinstated, provided the student registered for Summer Session courses prior to dismissal or withdrawal, or has applied for re-enrollment.

Winter Term

Students who are dismissed or who withdraw at the end of the Fall semester may attend Winter term prior to being reinstated provided the student registered for Winter term prior to dismissal or withdrawal. Winter term is offered to students who have attended during the preceding Fall semester. Students with a break in attendance must be re-enrolled to be eligible to attend Winter term. Students readmitted/reinstated for a Spring semester may also attend Winter term.


Clearances from Office of Student Conduct, the Office of Student Financial Services and Cashiering, Health Center, International Education Services and/or the Graduate School may be requested of the applicant.