College of Arts and Humanities
1211-E Parren J. Mitchell Art-Sociology Building
Phone: 301-405-7790

The Department of Art offers a Bachelors of Art degree with courses in the areas of painting, sculpture, digital media, printmaking, video, art theory, and graphic design. Students enter the program with an intensive foundations program which focuses on the fundamentals of composition in both two and three-dimensional applications. Upon completing the foundations courses, students are encouraged to experiment and expose themselves to all of the various media offered by the department, or apply to a limited-enrollment Graphic Design Concentration. All art and design students are expected to develop strong creative voices based upon an understanding of contemporary critical theory as well as an in-depth understanding of the technical skills needed to create compelling contemporary art and design.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for students in the program to extend their involvement in the major and in the arts. A wide variety of internship opportunities are available, as well as opportunities to work in the Herman Maril Gallery, the department's student-run gallery. These students have the opportunity to organize and curate exhibitions of the work of other students in the department.

Department Chair: B. Morse

Professors: J. Ruppert - Sculpture; F. Sham - Sculpture

Associate Professors: S. Collis - Digital Media/Installation, Director of Graduate Studies; P. Craig - Painting/Drawing, Director of Undergraduate Studies; R. Klank - Painting/Art Theory; B. Morse - Digital Media, Department Chair; J. Strom - Print/Extended Media

Assistant Professors: M. Bendell - Digital Media; B. Donahue - Painting; C. Keener - Sculpture/Digital Media/Environmental Art, Honors Director; A. Key - Graphic Design Director; J. Gatlin - Print/Extended Media; A. Vaziri - Graphic Design

Senior Lecturers: E. Conover - Painting/Drawing, Academic Advisor; W. Jacobs - 2D Foundation/Photography; J. Kass - Art Theory; M. McLaughlin - Printmaking/Drawing/2D Foundation; J. Wyszomirska - Drawing

Lecturers: S. Jones - Sculpture/Professional Practices; M. Kimmel - 2D Foundation/Drawing; J. Kwon - Painting/Drawing/Theory; I. Pantelis - 2D fundamentals; N. Ratnapala - Digital Media/Video; C. Richardson-Deppe - 2D/3D fundamentals; J. Silva - Digital Media

Professors Emeriti: C. Demonte - Distinguished Scholar-Teacher; R. Lozner - Graphic Design; WC Richardson - Painting

Departmental Advising

The department has a single advisor for Studio Art Majors:

Emily Conover
Parren J. Mitchell/Art-Sociology Building
1st mezzanine between 1st & 2nd floors of the studio art classrooms, Rm. 1M322
Phone: 301-405-9408
To schedule an appt:

Students in the Graphic Design Concentration should contact Prof. Antwon Key for advising:

You can also contact Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, Jarica Nowlin (301-405-7790 or if you have questions. Each second-semester sophomore and first-semester senior is required to meet with their advisor.

Students are strongly encouraged to see their advisor in the department annually.

College Advising

To schedule an appt. with ARHU advising:

To review the academic plan for this major, go to

Undergraduate Research Experiences

A variety of undergraduate research and/or internship experiences are available. Please go to Department of Art website for more information:

Fieldwork Opportunities

A variety of undergraduate fieldwork and/or internship opportunities are available. Please go to Department of Art website for more information:


Students have worked in a variety of internship settings. These have included assisting professionals with public commissions, commercial or cooperative gallery and exhibition duties, and working in professional artists' workshops in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. The Graphic Design concentration maintains a variety of internship connections with the professional design communities from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. Additional information is available in the Department of Art office or on the website

Honors Program

The Departmental Honors Program provides Art majors with opportunities for in-depth study and enrichment in areas of special and creative interest. Students are admitted to this program by competitive portfolio review. To qualify, students must be Art majors with junior or senior status, a major GPA of 3.2, and an overall GPA of 3.0. The program requires a total of 12 credits in Honors course work, and is completed over the student's senior year. Two courses (3 credits each) may be taken at the 3xx- or 4xx-level, and two courses (3 credits each) at the 4xx-level. There is a thesis component in one of the 4xx-level courses and includes a Thesis Exhibition in the Herman Maril Gallery.

Please consult the department website and/or the Honors Director (Prof. Keener) for additional information.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

The Student Art League is an active student organization that encourages membership and participation for all majors. Art majors participate in many campus-wide organizations.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Department of Art administers eight Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships (CAPAs) that are available to continuing students as well as entering freshman or transfer students. This is a merit-based scholarship that is awarded on a one-year basis and may be renewed. Additional information is available in the main office of the department. The Van Crews Scholarships and Clarvit Scholarships are designated for outstanding Art majors concentrating in Graphic Design. Further details are available on the department website:

Awards and Recognition

Each semester the faculty votes for students to receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash prizes for the James P. Wharton Award, given at graduation. Students are given the awards based on works exhibited in the Graduating Seniors Exhibition in the Herman Maril Gallery.

When funds are available, the department holds a competition for the John Dorsey Prize for Curatorial Excellence. The winner receives a cash award and funds towards the production of a curated exhibition in the Herman Maril Gallery.

Other awards and scholarships are given on an intermittent basis, depending on the funding.

For more information, go to the department website: