Korean Studies Minor

School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Program Director: Seong Minne Koh (skoh@umd.edu)

The Korean Studies Minor will provide students with a basic knowledge of Korea and its language and culture. Five 3-credit courses are required, and three of the five must be at the 3xx or 4xx level. This minor is open to both heritage and non-heritage students alike. Those interested should contact the faculty in the Korean Language Program for advising.

To make an appointment to explore or declare a minor, go to: http://arhu.umd.edu/academics/undergraduate-studies/minors/.

15 credits are required for the minor:

Course Title Credits
Korean Language and Language-Related Courses
Select two courses devoted specifically to Korean language or language-related studies from the following: 16
Intermediate Korean I
Intermediate Korean II
History of the Korean Language
Korean Language and Linguistics
Korea-Related Courses
Select three courses in Korea-related studies from fields such as history, sociology, and art history: 29
Special Topics in History (HIST319N Korean History)
Special Topics in Sociology (SOCY398K Contemporary South Korean Society )
East Asian Civilization I 3
East Asian Civilization II 3
Special Topics in History (HIST319C Asian Age in World History )
The Languages of East Asia 2
Topics in Comparative Politics (GVPT359C Politics of Japan and Northeast Asia )
Art and Society in Asia 3
Total Credits15

Both must be at the second-year level or above.


At least one of these courses must have broad East Asian content to provide breadth to the minor.


East Asian courses

  • Other Korea-related courses may be used to satisfy the requirements, subject to the approval of the Korean Program advisor.
  • Three of the five required courses must be at the 3xx or 4xx level.
  • All courses presented for the minor must be passed with a grade of "C-" or better.
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 in the minor is required for graduation.
  • No more than six credits can overlap with the major, and no more than six credits can come from off-campus (study abroad, transfer, etc.).

Note: CIC courses through the Big10 courseshare arrangements will be considered for the Korean Studies Minor