Demography Minor

Program Director: Michael Rendall, Ph.D.

Coursework will explore the ways in which changes in human behavior and access to resources (including health, education and economic well-being), are shaped by social and demographic forces.  By examining demographic behaviors within broader historical and cultural contexts, students will gain both micro and macro perspectives on social change.  Students will also be trained in a range of demographic techniques used to study these processes.

The minor in Demography requires that students complete 18 credits of coursework, including three required courses and three electives to be selected from the list below.  The three required courses lay the foundation of demographic knowledge and tools that will then be applied in the substantive elective courses where students will focus on issues relevant to their specific interests.

Course Title Credits
Required Courses 1
SOCY201Introductory Statistics for Sociology (or an equivalent course from another department)4
SOCY410Social Demography3
SOCY411Demographic Techniques3
Electives 29
3 courses selected from the courses below. Up to two electives may be taken from outside of the Sociology Department.
SOCY Courses
Sociology of Health and Illness
Experiential Learning
Family Demography
Sociology of Aging
Research in Family & Demography
Research in Inequality
Social Stratification and Inequality
Sex and Love in Modern Society
Non-SOCY courses (maximum of 2)
Immigration and Ethnicity in America
Advanced Topics in Asian American Studies (AAST498B-Urban Demography and Community)
Anthropology of Global Health
World Hunger, Population, and Food Supplies
Economic Development of Underdeveloped Areas
Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
Family Inequality
Population Geography
International Nutrition
Total Credits19

Required courses are offered every semester.


The list of electives may be updated over time to reflect changing course offerings.  Most elective Sociology courses are offered at least once a year.  Up to two electives may be taken from outside of the Sociology Department.