Law and Society Minor

1117 Chincoteague Hall
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Program Director: Robert Koulish, Ph.D.

The minor in Law and Society focuses on exploring the relationship between law and society. While enrolled in this minor course of study, students will focus on how the law is viewed in a practical and pragmatic way.  The intent and the experience that the law brings into various industries and society as a whole is explored and analyzed through a societal lens.   The minor is intended for students interested in expanding their knowledge and skills of laws and the effect of laws in any industry. The minor is appropriate for students in preparation for law school, graduate school, and careers in the non-profit, public and private sectors. The program consists of an integrated, interdisciplinary package of courses in research and analytic methods in applied social sciences, law and humanities.

The Law and Society minor is a limited enrollment program. Students are encouraged to apply early and are eligible to reapply if they are not accepted. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are found on the minor website.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Skills to interpret the law through a societal lens
  2. Skills to read, interpret, and apply legal cases, statutes, and administrative laws
  3. Critical thinking skills that can be applied in any profession
  4. Critical thinking skills that can be applied in a social justice context while problem solving
  5. Skills to utilize legal reasoning to issue spot and problem solve
  6. Skills that help with the foundation of an education focusing on the law
Course Title Credits
MLAW304Introduction to Law and Social Inquiry3
MLAW305Law and Legal Institutions in Social Context3
MLAW388Law and Society Internship3
MLAW404Law & Society Capstone3
Law and Society Electives6
Total Credits18