Dining Services

1109 South Campus Dining Hall
Dining Plans: 301-314-8068
Student Employment: 301-314-8058

Interim Director of Dining Services: Joe Mullineaux

The Department of Dining Services is proud to have achieved national recognition for nutritional programming and sustainability impacts. We are a self-operated and self-supported campus dining program, active participants in the University of Maryland community, a supporter of campus academic endeavors, and providers of delicious, popular and nutritious food in welcoming settings every day. Dining plans give resident students convenience, flexibility and value, and unlimited access to tasty, healthy food.

Dining halls welcome the entire university community, but our first priority is to support academics for resident Terrapins. We are open every day before classes start and remain open until the classes are finished for the day.

  • At South Campus and Yahentamitsi Dining Halls, breakfast starts at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. weekends. Service runs straight through until 9 p.m. every night. In the Denton Community, 251 North serves breakfast starting at 8 a.m. every day. Service is continuous until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Dining halls feature over 38 culinary stations serving hearty breakfasts, classic lunch and dinner entrées with fresh sides, crisp leafy salads, ancient grains, custom-built pasta dishes, stuffed-to-order quesadillas, hot and cold wraps and sandwiches, breakfast all day and rotisserie meats with fresh vegetables.
  • State of the art equipment provides greater flexibility and allows our culinary team to experiment with new cooking techniques and try new recipes and flavors. Our menus include customized made-to-order food cooked in display kitchens featuring counter seating, booths and outdoor dining!
  • You will find international food, smoothies, dedicated vegan stations, a Mongolian grill, fresh-baked desserts, soft serve ice cream and much more. We are your campus kitchen - come on in, say hello, get to know us and make yourself at home.

In addition to the three dining halls that serve as gathering places for our community, we offer additional dining options across campus, close to academic buildings and residence halls.

  • Popular franchises in The Stamp and Kirwan food courts, and 10 cafés in academic buildings provide additional options for times when you would rather grab fresh carryout close to class or when you want a favorite from a brand name quick service spot.
  • Markets in resident communities offer room snacks, fresh carryout, school supplies and toiletries. They have grills that serve student late night favorites until after midnight every night. South Market serves Starbucks coffee and espresso beverages. The market shops carry a surprisingly wide range of useful and interesting things to make your room a better place to be.
  • Mulligan’s Grill and Pub on the University Golf Course offers clubhouse cuisine, a relaxing atmosphere, gracious hospitality, and sweeping views of the fairways at lunch and for catered events.

For a complete list of locations, hours, menus, and detailed information about our program visit http://dining.umd.edu.

Resident Dining Plans

Our primary responsibility to the campus is to serve delicious, safe, healthy and popular food to resident students. We serve resident students using the "Anytime Dining" style of service. The Anytime Dining program gives resident students unlimited access to the dining halls from morning through evening, seven days a week. Participants come to any dining hall any time we’re open and choose anything we’re serving. Resident students return any number of times, any day of the week, all semester long. Our goal is to feed you, and feed you well.

Students who live in traditional, on-campus residence halls select one of four Seven-Day Resident Dining Plans:

  • Base – Unlimited access to dining halls from move-in to the last day of finals
  • Base Plus – Unlimited access to dining halls from move-in to the last day of finals + 200 Dining Dollars
  • Preferred – Unlimited access to dining halls from move-in to the last day of finals + 300 Dining Dollars
  • Premium – Unlimited access to dining halls from move-in to the last day of finals + 400 Dining Dollars

Each plan also includes complimentary Guest Passes - Base Plan, two per semester; Base Plus, four; Preferred, six; Premium, eight. Each guest pass is an opportunity to bring someone to a dining hall for an all-you-care-to-eat meal and share a great Maryland Dining experience.

Dining Dollars on your UMD ID card make it super easy to stop in at a variety of campus locations. While you have unlimited access to dine in three great dining halls, you may find that you're not near a dining hall or you might be off campus at meal time - and there will be times when you want to eat on the go. Use Dining Dollars for fresh carryout, room snacks and supplies.

Dining Dollars save you money - you get a significant discount when you buy Dining Dollars as part of your 7-Day Dining Plan and there is no tax on the sale when you use them. Dining Dollars spend just like cash in any permanent campus dining location.

Use Dining Dollars in campus convenience shops to get things for your room like school supplies, toiletries and late night snacks. Swing by any of the cafés on campus for a fresh grab-n-go sandwich, salad, sushi, or a Starbucks! Check out the brand-name franchises in the Stamp Student Union and Kirwan Food Court that accept Dining Dollars. Every permanent Dining Services location accepts Dining Dollars. Look for the logo near the register.

We recommend the Preferred Plan – it includes 300 Dining Dollars to use around campus all semester. That’s about 15 to 20 Dining Dollars a week!

Optional Dining Plans

We are pleased to welcome all students, faculty, staff and guests to every dining hall, restaurant, shop and café on campus! Members of the campus community can become members of the dining plan program in several ways:

  • Connector Dining Plans - Running a kitchen is hard work. You can purchase a block of 25, 50, 100 or 150 Maryland Dining experiences at a significant discount - that works out to between one-and-a-half and nine delicious and nutritious all-you-care-to-eat meals a week for under $10 each! Ensure that you have some great meals on-campus; enjoy easy access to fresh, well-cooked food.

  • 5-Day and 7-Day Dining Plans - The 5-Day Plan provides unlimited access to dining halls Monday through Friday. 7-Day Plans extend that access to include weekends. We’ve got you covered!

  • Blocks of Dining Dollars - accepted at all permanent Dining Services locations. When you purchase Dining Dollars, you get a discount! They spend like cash and there is no tax on the sale when you use Dining Dollars.

  • And remember, we accept credit, debit and Terrapin Express at all locations.

Terrapin Express

1109 South Campus Dining Hall
Phone: 301-314-8068

Terrapin Express is a prepaid debit account: money you set aside to use at over 50 locations across campus including the University Book Center and University Health Center. Cashiers, copiers, printers and washing machines use your UMD ID card to access account information. To activate your account, visit the website listed above. Funds roll over from semester to semester; you can add additional funds at any time. For details and a complete listing of participating locations go to http://dining.umd.edu and select Terrapin Express.