Nutrition and Food Science

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
0112 Skinner Building
Phone: 301-405-4521

Assistant Director, Student Programs: Sara Kao (

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science strives to prepare students for careers in the dynamic and global food industry, public health and community nutrition sectors, health care, or biomedical research.

Interim Chair: Cheng-I Wei

Directors: S. Shepherd Lovette (Dietetic Internship), J. Meng (CFS3 and JIFSAN), M. Udahogora (Undergraduate Dietetics Program)

Professors: D. Lei, J. Meng, A. Pradhan, N. Sahyoun, Q. Wang, C. Wei, L. Yu

Associate Professors: S. Lee, S. Rahaman, M. Slavin, H. Song, R. Tikekar

Assistant Professors: R. Blaustein, Y. Li, D. Obanda

Lecturer: M. Udahogora (Dietetics Program Director)

Professors Emeriti: R. Ahrens, R. Buchanan, P. Moser-Veillon

Department advising is mandatory each semester. When planning a course of study, students must consult the Undergraduate Catalog for the year they entered the program and also see an appropriate departmental advisor. Information on advising may be obtained by calling the department office, 301-405-8980.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

The NFSC Department has two active undergraduate clubs: the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) (formerly known as Food and Nutrition - FAN club) and the Food Science club, which sponsor outreach activities and speakers on career-related topics, and participate in a variety of social activities. Call 301-405-8980 for more information.