HHUM - Honors Humanities

HHUM105 Honors Humanities: Introduction to the Arts and Humanities (3 Credits)

Introduction to the university, the different fields of the arts and humanities, and the history of how the university and the humanities have evolved across the world from ancient times to the present. Primary emphasis on reading and discussion of literary artifacts to assess the meaning and social status of the arts and humanities in the past and their personal and social value for the future.

Restriction: Must be an entering freshmen in the Honors Humanities Program.

Credit Only Granted for: ARHU105 or HHUM105.

Formerly: ARHU105.

HHUM106 Honors Humanities: The Humanities in Practice (3 Credits)

The application of the disciplines, methods and traditions of the Humanities to contemporary problems and issues such as social injustice, immigration, income inequality, and the role of social media. Students will apply to such issues the tools of the Humanities: research and historical analysis, critical reasoning, communication and persuasion, ethical debate, and imagination. The course will utilize the institutions of Washington, D.C. to explore contemporary problems and will guide students in the creation of their individual proposals for the capstone project that is the culmination of the curriculum in Honors Humanities.

Recommended: HHUM105.

Restriction: Must be in the Honors Humanities Program.

Additional Information: Priority enrollment will be given to students in Honors Humanities.

HHUM205 Second Year Seminar in Honors Humanities (3 Credits)

Seminar on basic issues and methodologies in the humanities and arts.

Credit Only Granted for: ARHU205 or HHUM205.

Formerly: ARHU205.

HHUM206 Honors Humanities Keystone Project (3 Credits)

Design, execution and completion of students' chosen Keystone Projects in the form of research, creativity, or service. Students will have formulated tentative plans for their projects in HHUM106; in this course they will revise and augment those proposals, articulate their connections with the traditions and methods of the humanities, formulate a work plan for completing the project within one semester, and work with their fellow students to workshop their materials as they develop. The course will culminate in a presentation of the project at the annual Keystone Symposium and with the submission of the project in its final form.

HHUM288 Seminar: Selected Issues in Honors Humanities (3 Credits)

Seminar on important topics in Arts and Humanities for students in the Honors Humanities Program.

Restriction: Must be in the Honors Humanities Program.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

Credit Only Granted for: ARHU288 or HHUM288.

Formerly: ARHU288.

HHUM328 Internship in Honors Humanities (1-3 Credits)

Supervised service-learning in Honors Humanities.

Prerequisite: HHUM105; and permission of the Honors Humanities Director.

Restriction: Sophomore standing or higher.

Repeatable to: 3 credits.

Credit Only Granted for: ARHU328 or HHUM328.

Formerly: ARHU328.

HHUM329 Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship (1-3 Credits)

Supervised pedagogical service-learning in the Honors Humanities curriculum.

Prerequisite: HHUM106, HHUM205, and HHUM105; and permission of the Honors Humanities Director.

Credit Only Granted for: ARHU329 or HHUM329.

Formerly: ARHU329.