Civil and Environmental Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering
1173 Glenn L. Martin Hall
Phone: 301-405-7768

Civil and environmental engineers are problem solvers, innovators, and global leaders. Their work is all around you—the buildings we live in, the roads we travel on, the systems that treat our water, the pollution controls that protect our health, and the strategies that help us plan and recover from disasters. Stronger global communities, economies, and ecosystems depend on dedicated civil and environmental engineers.

Chair: N. Attoh-Okine

Professors: M. Aggour, A. Aydilek, B. Ayyub, G. Baecher, K. Brubaker, G. Chang, C. Cirillo, Q. Cui, A. Davis, A. Haghani, D. Lovell, D. Niemeier, P. Schonfeld, M. Skibniewski, A. Torrents, Y. Zhang  

Associate Professors: M. Austin, P. Chang, B. Forman, D. Goulias, B. Kjellerup, A. Reilly

Assistant Professors: M. Bensi, G. Li, X. Yang

Senior Lecturer: N. Andrade

Senior Faculty Specialist: M. Anderson

Research Faculty: C. Fu, E. Herovic, T. Jacobs, J. Johnson, E. Link, S. Lynn, L. McConnel, M. Pack

Affiliate Professors: A. Asa-Awuku, B. Golden, M. Hendricks, M. Hu, E. Kalnay, S. Ni, J. Roberts, T. Wild

Professors Emeriti: A. Amde, F. Birkner, B. Donaldson, G. Galloway, D. Goodings, O. Hao, R. McCuen, R. Ragan, D. Schelling, C. Schwartz, Y. Sternberg, D. Vannoy

All Civil and Environmental Engineering majors are advised by the following department faculty and staff:

  1. Dr. Natasha Andrade, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs, 0160 Glenn L. Martin Hall,, 301-405-1171.
  2. Alan Santos, Director of Undergraduate Student Services, 0147C, Glenn L. Martin Hall,, 301-405-1977.
  3. Dr. Isabella Cooper, Academic Advisor, 0147E, Glenn L. Martin Hall,, 301-405-0431.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Department faculty frequently have research opportunities for undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members whose research specialties are of interest. For further information, students are encouraged to contact the department's advising staff.


Career fairs are organized regularly throughout the academic year by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Chi Epsilon student chapters, and the Engineering Career Services Office.

Study Abroad Programs

The department offers three short-term programs with a focus on sustainability and infrastructure. These courses count as one of the upper tech electives in the civil engineering major and are approved tech electives for the sustainability minor:

Co-op Programs

Several excellent co-op opportunities are available for Civil and Environmental Engineering students. See the A. James Clark School of Engineering's Engineering Career Services Office for more information on these opportunities.

Honors Program

The Clark School offers an Engineering Honors Program that provides eligible students the opportunity to pursue an enriched program of studies that will broaden their perspectives and increase the depth of their knowledge. 

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society (by invitation)
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • ITS Student Chapter

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering awards a number of academic scholarships. These awards are designated primarily for junior and senior students and are listed on the department website at

The department evaluates scholarship applications each year. See the School of Engineering website for further information and application instructions on this scholarship application.

Awards and Recognition

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering assigns awards to students for excellence in academics, leadership, and service. The awards are listed on the department website: