GERM - Germanic Studies

GERM331 Kafka and Film: The Uncanny in Literature and Film (3 Credits)

Analysis of major works by Franz Kafka (1883-1924), his affinity to the cinema and use of cinematic means and techniques (e.g. the gaze, flashback, parallel action, gesture and body language, etc.) in his writings, as well as examination of adaptations of Kafka narratives (e.g. the Orson Welles and David Jones adaptations of The Trial, 1961, 1992) and other films that use Kafkaian themes (e.g. Steven Soderbergh's 'Kafka', 1991).Cross-listed with: CINE331.

Credit Only Granted for: GERM331, CINE331, FILM331, or HONR348K.

Formerly: FILM331.

GERM385 German Cinema (3 Credits)

A history of German cinema from the golden age of silent films to the flourishing film culture of the 21st Century. Focuses on changing ideas of the role and purpose of national cinema, as well as the cinematic representation of nation and national identity. Taught in English.Cross-listed with: CINE385.

Credit Only Granted for: GERM385, CINE385 or FILM385.

Formerly: FILM385.