IMDM - Immersive Media Design

IMDM101 Introduction to Immersive Media (3 Credits)

An introduction to the basic practices, concepts and issues in Immersive Media Design. Conducted as a hybrid studio/lecture course, students will work collaboratively in teams to complete both research and practical projects, including surveying current artists and practice in immersive media; completing studio-based interactive projects that fuse computational media into physical objects; and working in teams to ideate and execute large scale, immersive media works.

Credit Only Granted for: CMSC101 or IMDM101.

Formerly: CMSC101.

IMDM127 Creative Coding for Digital Media (3 Credits)

An introduction to the principles of Computer Science supported by exercises in computer programming with an emphasis on creative coding, algorithmic image creation and manipulation, and interactive experiences. Students will make use of both exploratory coding approaches, and problem/solution-driven approaches, to design and implement software with visual and auditory output. The course also includes an introduction to a wide variety of issues relating to computer science and software, including software design and construction, problem-solving, and fundamental questions about the nature, limitations, and ethical use of computers and algorithms. It also explores how creativity tools can be used and as well as providing some insight into how they are implemented. The course is targeted to students with a broad diversity in backgrounds and interests. No prerequisites are assumed beyond high school algebra.

Restriction: Must not have completed any courses from CMSC131-499 course range; and must not be concurrently enrolled in CMSC131.

Credit Only Granted for: IMDM127 or CMSC131.