SURV - Survey Methodology

SURV400 Fundamentals of Survey and Data Science (3 Credits)

The course introduces the student to a set of principles of survey and data science that are the basis of standard practices in these fields. The course exposes the student to key terminology and concepts of collecting and analyzing data from surveys and other data sources to gain insights and to test hypotheses about the nature of human and social behavior and interaction. It will also present a framework that will allow the student to evaluate the influence of different error sources on the quality of data.

Prerequisite: STAT100; or permission of BSOS-Joint Program in Survey Methodology department.

Restriction: Course open to SURV certificate students, SURV Advanced Special Students, and SURV undergraduate minors. Graduate students from other departments may enroll with permission from the department.

Credit Only Granted for: SURV699M or SURV400.

Formerly: SURV699M.

SURV410 Introduction to Probability Theory (3 Credits)

Probability and its properties. Random variables and distribution functions in one and several dimensions. Moments, characteristic functions, and limit theorems.

Prerequisite: MATH240 and MATH241; or permission of BSOS-Joint Program in Survey Methodology department. Also offered as: STAT410.

Credit Only Granted for: SURV410 or STAT410.

SURV420 Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits)

Mathematical statistics, presenting point estimation, sufficiency, completeness, Cramer-Rao inequality, maximum likelihood, confidence intervals for parameters of normal distributions, chi-square tests, analysis of variance, regression, correlation, and nonparametric methods.

Prerequisite: SURV410 or STAT410. Also offered as: STAT420.

Credit Only Granted for: STAT420 or SURV420.

SURV430 Fundamentals of Questionnaire Design (3 Credits)

Introduction to the scientific literature on the design, testing and evaluation of survey questionnaires, together with hands-on application of the methods discussed in class.

Restriction: Permission of BSOS-Joint Program in Survey Methodology department.

Credit Only Granted for: SURV430 or SURV630.

SURV440 Sampling Theory (3 Credits)

Simple random sampling, sampling for proportions, estimation of sample size, sampling with varying probabilities of selection, stratification, systematic selection, cluster sampling, double sampling, and sequential sampling.

Prerequisite: STAT401 or STAT420.

Credit Only Granted for: STAT440 or SURV440.