Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering
2113 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
Phone: 301-405-1935

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, established in 1937 at the University of Maryland, provides students with a fundamental understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes and the ability to apply molecular and biomolecular information and methods of discovery into products and the processes by which they are made. Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide the unique interdisciplinary academic foundation and scholarly training needed to address complex engineering problems with an emphasis on the advancing fields of biological engineering and nanotechnology. For information on our accreditation, please follow this link.

Chair: P. Kofinas

Professors: R. Adomaitis, A. Asa-Awuku, K. Choi, P. Kofinas, S. Raghavan, E. Wachsman, CS Wang

Associate Professors: P. Dimitrakopoulos, A. Karlsson, J. Klauda, D. Liu, G. Sriram, N. Wang, T. Woehl

Assistant Professors: P. Albertus, P-Y. Chen, JC Vega-Vila, C. Zhang, H. Zierden

Affiliate Professors: M. Al-Sheikhly, W. Bentley, D. DeVoe, J. Fisher, S. Lee, S. Molinari

Adjunct Professors: V. Dwivedi, D. Fuentevilla, N. Lazarus, M. Leite, Y. Lo, S. Muro, A. Yang, X. Yang

Professors Emeriti: M. Anisimov, R. Calabrese, S. Ehrman, S. Greer, T. McAvoy, J. Sengers, T. Smith

All students choosing Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering as their primary field must see their assigned undergraduate faculty mentor and advisor each semester. Please contact Kathy Gardinier (Lopresti) at 301-405-5888 or or Amanda Alicea at 301-405-1885 or for your assigned advisor information.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

A unique aspect of the department's undergraduate program is its high level of students’ participation in cutting-edge research. Approximately half of our students graduate with significant lab experience and most find it to be one of the high points of their undergraduate education.

Honors Program

The A. James Clark School of Engineering hosts a chapter of the Omega Chi Epsilon National Honor Society for chemical engineering, as well as a chapter of the engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

Students operate a campus student chapter of the professional organization, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Omega Chi Episilon is the honorary Chemical Engineering Society. OXE is our Honors Society.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Financial assistance based upon need is available through the Office of Student Financial Aid. A number of scholarships are available through the A. James Clark School of Engineering. The department offers opportunities for research and other part-time employment.

Awards and Recognition

Annual awards are given to recognize scholarship and outstanding service to the department, college, and university.