SPHL - Public Health

SPHL100 Foundations of Public Health (3 Credits)

An overview of the goals, functions, and methods of public health. After an introduction to the core concepts and tools used in public health research and practice, applications of these methodologies are considered in the context of current controversies/problems in public health. Students work together to develop strategies for prevention and control that take into consideration different points of view, outside research, and impacts on individuals and communities.

Restriction: Must be in a major in SPHL-School of Public Health.

Credit Only Granted for: SPHL100, PHSC300 or SPHL600.

SPHL298 SPH Ambassador Program (1 Credit)

The purpose of this course is to train students in the methods related to advising, teaching and leading undergraduate current and prospective students. At the end of the course ambassdors will be a resource to these new students in SPH through their knowledge of academic planning, college/university policy, and understanding of what SPH has to offer. Ambassados will have experience working one on one with students who have academic advising questions and concerns. They will develop better public speaking skills and know how to impart new information in an effective way to undergraduate students.

Restriction: Must be in a major in SPHL-School of Public Health; and minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7; and must have earned less then 90 credits.

Repeatable to: 6 credits.

SPHL386 Experiential Learning (3 Credits)

SPHL488 Children's Health and Development Clinic (1-4 Credits)

An opportunity to acquire training and experience in a therapeutically oriented physical education-recreation program for children referred by various education, special education, medical or psychiatric groups.

Prerequisite: Permission of SPHL-School of Public Health.

SPHL498 Special Topics in Public Health (3 Credits)

Topical and interdisciplinary courses of interest to upper level undergraduate students in the field of Public Health not currently covered by the program.

Restriction: Junior standing or higher.

Repeatable to: 9 credits if content differs.

Credit Only Granted for: SPHL498 or SPHL698 of same suffix.