Mechanical Engineering

A. James Clark School of Engineering
2181 Glenn L. Martin Hall
Phone: 301-405-2410

Mechanical Engineering includes the study of the following areas:

  • Design and Reliability of Systems,
  • Thermal, Fluid, and Energy Sciences
  • Mechanics, Materials, and Manufacturing.

In addition, to the learning opportunities provided through a vibrant curriculum of undergraduate and graduate offerings, students are also provided extensive experiential learning opportunities through the Terps Racing Program, Solar Decathlon, and other competition teams, and undergraduate research experiences. Students are also provided opportunities to make a difference worldwide with programs such as Engineers Without Borders.

Chairs: B. Balachandran, (Minta Martin Prof and Chair), A. Dasgupta, (Assoc Chair Academic Affairs, Dir Graduate Studies), D. DeVoe, (Assoc Chair Research and Admin)

Directors: S. Ainane (Co-Dir, UG Studies), P. McCluskey (Co-Dir, UG Studies)

Professors: S. Azarm, B. Balachandran, (Minta Martin Prof and Chair), A. Bar-Cohen (Dist Univ Prof), A. Baz (Minta Martin Prof), P. Bernard, D. Bigio, H. Bruck (Associate Dean), A. Christou, A. Dasgupta (Jeong Kim Prof), D. DeVoe, (Assoc Chair Research and Admin), M. diMarzo, J. Duncan (Keystone Prof), W. Fourney (Keystone Prof), S. Gabriel, A. Gupta, (Dist Univ Prof), B. Han (Keystone Prof), J. Herrmann, K. Kiger (Associate Dean), J. Kim (Keystone Prof), T. Li (Keystone Prof), P. McCluskey, M. Modarres (Nicole J. Kim Prof, Director CRR), C.D. Mote, Jr. (Glenn L. Martin Inst Prof and Regents Prof), M. Ohadi, M. Pecht (George E. Dieter Prof & Dir CALCE), R. Radermacher (Minta Martin Prof, Dir CEEE), P. Sandborn (Dir MTECH), L. Schmidt, E. Smela, J. Srebric, B. Yang, M. Yu

Associate Professors: N. Chopra, P. Chung, M. Cukier, J-O. Hahn, H. Haslach (Assoc Research Prof) J. Larsson, G. Pertmer, A. Riaz

Assistant Professors:  Y. Diaz-Mercado, S. Das, M. Fuge, K. Groth, A. Krieger, R. Sochol, M. Vaughn-Cooke

Lecturers: S. Arul, H. Babahosseini, D. Barker, C. Boehmer, D. Burke, W. Champion, A. Cleanthous, N. Chung, Z. Eshete, J. Forsythe, J. Fox, H. Haslach, M. Hassouneh, S. Mitchell, V. Nguyen, R. Sanders (Senior Lecturer), E. Scherbarth, S. Schmidt, D. Schug, C. Thamire (Principal Lecturer), J. Tritschler

Affiliate Professors: E. Kalnay (Dist Univ Prof, Affiliate Prof), D. Lathrop (Prof, Affiliate Prof), E. Oran (Glenn L. Martin Inst. Prof, Affiliate Prof), D. Riley (Affiliate Prof, Prof), P. Sunderland (Assoc Prof, Affil Assoc Prof), A. Trouve (Prof, Lecturer)

Affiliate Associate Professors: M. Gollner (Asst Prof, Aff Asst Prof), L. Hu (Assoc Prof), A. Marshall (Assoc Prof, Affil Assoc Prof), S. Stoliarov (Assoc Prof, Affil Assoc Prof)

Adjunct Associate Professors: D. Barret (Adjunct Assoc Prof), D. Finlay (Adjunct Assoc Prof), L. Hamilton (Adjunct Assoc Prof), V. Krivtsov (Adjunct Assoc Prof)

Affiliate Assistant Professor: H. Xu (Aff Assoc Prof)

Adjunct Associate Professors: D. Barrett (Adjunct Assoc Prof), D. Findlay (Adjunct Assoc Prof), L. Hamilton (Lecturer, Adjunct Assoc Prof), V. Krivtsov (Adjunct Assoc Prof), G. Schultz

Professors Emeriti: D. Anand, R. Armstrong, B. Berger, F. Buckley, P. Cunniff, J. Dally (Glenn L. Martin Inst Prof), G. Dieter (Glenn L. Martin Inst Prof), J. Kirk, E. Magrab, C. Marks, A. Mosleh, U. Piomelli (Prof Emeritus), R. Sanford, C. Sayre, J. Sengers (Dist Univ Prof Emeritus), M. Talaat, W. Walston (Assoc Prof Emeritus), J. Yang

Mechanical engineering students are required to meet with a departmental adviser each semester prior to registering for the following term. Mechanical Engineering has a team of faculty and staff academic advisors. For more information, please contact the department's Undergraduate Advising Office, 2182-2188 Glenn L. Martin Hall, at 301-405-2199, or review resources including office hours and the appointment process, on-line at

Co-op Programs

Participation in the Cooperative Education Program through the Engineering Career Services Office is encouraged. See Clark School of Engineering under Colleges and Schools on this site.

Honors Program

The Engineering Honors Program is administered through the Clark School of Engineering.

Individual honors and awards are presented based on academic excellence and extracurricular activities.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

Student chapters of professional societies include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Mechanical Contractors Association and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. The mechanical engineering honor society is Pi Tau Sigma. Information regarding these societies may be obtained at 2186 Glenn Martin Hall.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) administers all types of federal, state and institutional financial assistance programs and, in cooperation with other university offices, participates in the awarding of scholarships to deserving students. For information, visit:

A limited amount of scholarship aid is available through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Information may be obtained in the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advising Office. Information about Clark School of Engineering scholarships and Department of Mechanical Engineering scholarships is also available online at