Engagement and Activities

The mission of Student Activities and Student Engagement areas is to support and complement the university's academic mission and enhance students' educational experience through exposure and participation in social, cultural, recreational, leadership, intellectual, and governance activities.

Activities Area

0208 Adele H. Stamp Student Union
Phone: 301-314-7158

Assistant Director of Student Activities: Joseph Calizo

Stamp Programs and Student Entertainment Events (SEE) - Staff produce programs which are campus traditions such as New Student Welcome and Homecoming. Advisement of the Student Entertainment Events (SEE), student-led program board, is also a part of this area.

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) - This area has two primary functions with regard to student organization support. SORC Development manages the student organization registration process, and other programmatic efforts to assist student groups meet their goals such as the TerpLink Event process, an on-line resource for event-planning. Staff also manage the operations of the Student Involvement Suite, a facility for student group activity. SORC Finance assists groups with access and spending of the Student Activity Fee. Both areas also provide advisement to the Student Government Association.

Student Legal Aid Office - Staff members, which include an attorney, provide legal advice to undergraduates as well as advocacy to students charged in the university judicial process. The office is located on the third floor of the South Campus Dining Hall.

Engagement Area

0110 Adele H. Stamp Student Union
Phone: 301-314-7174

Assistant Director of Student Engagement: Laura McCulley

Staff members work directly with some distinct and growing student constituencies on campus. The staff are available as resources for students and encourage student involvement in all areas of campus. The areas served by the engagement team include Graduate Student Life, Veteran Student Life, Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life, Transfer 2 Terp (a learning community for students who have transferred from local community college), and Immigrant and Undocumented Student Life. Students are engaged and integrated into the campus community through social, educational, and outreach programs to assist in the transition to collegiate life.