CHSE - Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education

CHSE200 College Success and Life Planning - Managing College and Career Life through Goal Development and Planning (3 Credits)

The overarching goal of this course is to guide new students affiliated with the TerpsEXCEED program in navigating the initial stages of college, career and campus life management. The course is organized around Academic and Career Habits, Cultural Know-How, Balance of Multiple Roles, and Self-Direction in order to address (a) skills and interest assessments, (b) goal setting, (c) organizational and independent living skills development, (d) travel and transportation orientation to navigate and access campus and College Park, (e) financial planning, (f) safety, (g) social activity access, and (h) basic scheduling and time management. TerpsEXCEED students will be matched with typical student peer supports for a more normalized college experience.

Restriction: Must be in the TerpsEXCEED Program; and permission from TerpsEXCEED Director.

Additional Information: Priority enrollment for students in the TerpsEXCEED program.

CHSE205 Disability: From Stigma and Sideshow to Mainstream and Main Street (3 Credits)

Explores the cultural, historical, educational, and medical roots of difference among human beings and examines the impact of cultural and technological changes on individuals traditionally identified as disabled. The course is designed to develop a broad understanding of the concept of "disability" and the emerging technologies that shape contemporary understanding of this phenomenon and the lives of those considered disabled.

Credit Only Granted for: EDSP289I or CHSE205.

Formerly: EDSP289I.