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The Department of Mathematics teaches a broad range of courses in modern mathematics and statistics. This translates into developing strong ability to solve problems and to apply mathematics and statistics to other areas. The program prepares students to further their mathematical education in graduate school, to teach at the secondary school level, or to work in the government or private sector.

Chair: D. Levy (Chair, Dist Scholar Teacher)

Professors: R. Balan (AMSC Director), P. Brosnan, M. Cameron (Assoc. Chair, Faculty Affairs), S. Cerrai (Assoc Chair, APT), A. Chernikov (Brin Chair), W. Czaja, D. Dolgopyat (Dist Univ Prof), B. Fayad (Brin Chair), G. Forni, A. Gholampour, W. Goldman (Dist Scholar Teacher), M. Grillakis, A. Gumel (Brin E-Nnovate Chair), T. Haines, S. Halperin, D. Hamilton, M. Jakobson, L. Koralov (Assoc. Chair, Graduate Studies), P. Lahiri, M. Laskowski (Dist Scholar Teacher), D. Levy (Chair, Dist Scholar Teacher), L. Lin (Statistics Director), M. Machedon, D. Margetis, A. Mellet, K. Melnick, R. Nochetto, N. Ramachandran, J. Ren, J. Rosenberg (Davis Prof), C. Rosendal, Y. Rubinstein, E. Slud, E. Tadmor (Dist Univ Prof), H. Tamvakis, K. Trivisa (IPST Director), L. Washington (Assoc Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Dist Scholar Teacher), R. Wentworth

Associate Professors: D. Cristofaro-Gardiner, T. Darvas, A. De Rosa, Y. Gu, K. Ide, A. Kanigowski, V. Lyzinski, T. Saegusa, T. VonPetersdorff, H. Yang, C. Zickert

Assistant Professors: A. Adhikari, D. Bejleri, L. Chen, H. Nguyen, D. Ray, R. Trevino, B. Zhang, Y. Zhu

Principal Lecturers: R. Ebrahimian, D. Franklin, K. McLaren, W. Wong

Senior Lecturers: S. Chadwick, J. Daberkow, A. Khurana, T. Long, T. Pilachowski, H. Sahinoglu, K. Williams, A. Yashinski

Lecturers: J. Conway, S. Doboszczak, J. Fernandes, M. Griffin, S. Gruber, D. Gunatilleka, B. Michelato, A. Nuriely, R. Rosca, T. Rowland, A. Szczekutowicz, C. Terpos, K. Truman (Acad Advisor)

Instructors: B. Bezejouh, N. Tchetcherina, A. Wang

Affiliate Professors: R. Balu, H. Elman, W. Gasarch, J. Opsomer

Adjunct Professor: J. Xu

Professors Emeriti: J. Adams, W. Adams, S. Antman (Dist Univ Prof Emeritus), J. Auslander, J. Benedetto (Dist Scholar Teacher), K. Berg (Assoc Prof Emeritus), M. Boyle, M. Brin, J. Cohen, J. Cooper, E. Correl, J. Dancis (Assoc Prof Emeritus), G. Ehrlich, R. Ellis, J. Fey, P. Fitzpatrick, M. Freidlin (Dist Univ Prof Emeritus), H. Glaz, P. Green, D. Gulick, G. Helzer (Assoc Prof Emeritus), R. Herb, B. Hunt, R. Johnson, B. Kedem, H. King, W. Kirwan (Former Chancellor), D. Kueker, C. Levermore (Dist Scholar Teacher), R. Lipsman, J. Millson, U. Neri, S. Novikov (Dist Univ Prof Emeritus), J. Schafer, D. Schneider (Assoc Prof Emeritus), P. Smith (Assoc Prof Emeritus), P. Wolfe, S. Wolpert (Dist Scholar Teacher), G. Yang, J. Yorke (Dist Univ Prof Emeritus)

Visiting Faculty: H. Berestycki (Visiting Professor), S. Berhanu (Visiting Professor), Q. Gashi (Visiting Professor), C. Liverani (Visiting Professor), D. Nguyen (Visiting Associate Professor), A. Quarteroni (Visiting Professor)

Every semester, each math major is required to submit an advising form to the Undergraduate Advising Office to discuss the student's past and present progress, as well as future plans. We also have faculty advisors from various disciplines so that a student with specific interests may consult with a faculty advisor who has a good understanding of the student's personal goals and desires.

The Undergraduate Advising Office is always available to address any issues that any student, math major or not, might wish to discuss.  Students and members of the  general public are welcome to email their inquiries to, or stop by during walk-in hours

Undergraduate Research Experiences

There are a variety of undergraduate research opportunities in mathematics at Maryland. For detailed information, see

Combined B.S./M.A. Program in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a combined B.S./M.A. degree program for students with exceptional ability and interest in mathematics. Students enrolled in the Combined Degree Program may count up to 9 credits of coursework taken for their undergraduate degree toward the M.A. degree as well. For further information, please see the Mathematics Department webpage:

Honors Program

The Mathematics Honors Program is designed for students showing exceptional ability and interest in mathematics. Its aim is to give a student the best possible mathematics education. A precise statement of the requirements may be found at

The department also offers a special department honors sequence, MATH340-MATH341, for promising freshmen with a strong mathematical background (including calculus). Participants in the Honors College may also enroll in special honors sections of the lower-level mathematics courses (MATH140H, MATH141H, MATH241H, MATH246H). Students in MATH340-MATH341 and the special honors sections need not be Math majors.

The Mathematics departmental honors sequence and the Honors College program are distinct, and enrollment in one does not imply acceptance in the other.

Student Societies and Professional Organizations

There are several student-run groups within the department:  the Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, the Actuarial Club, and Women in Math.

Awards and Recognition

Aaron Strauss Scholarships:  An award to an outstanding non-graduating math major. The recipient receives full remission of (in-state) tuition for the following academic year.

Aziz Mathematics Scholarship:  The Aziz scholarship is the department's highest award of mathematical excellence for a non-graduating math major. 

Dan Shanks Award:  An award to an undergraduate student studying computational number theory and related areas.

Dan Sweet Scholarship:  An award to a math major working on research projects in the area of Applied Harmonic Analysis.

Higginbotham Prize:  An award to an outstanding junior math major.

John and Sabrina Konter Endowed Scholarship:  An award to an undergraduate math major with an interest in applications to real world problems in business and industry.

Milton Abramowitz Award:  An award to an outstanding junior or senior Math major.

Outstanding Senior Award:  The highest departmental award to an outstanding graduating Math major.

Strauss Teaching Assistantship:  An opportunity for outstanding Math majors to work as an undergraduate teaching assistants.

Stuart S. Antman Undergraduate Award in Mathematics:  An award to an outstanding undergraduate student pursuing studies combining mathematics with one or more of the biological, chemical, engineering, and physical sciences.

For further information on awards, see