Business Analytics Minor

Program Director: Kazim Ruhi, Ph.D. 

The Minor in Business Analytics integrates technology with statistical and quantitative modeling techniques to provide students with the foundation needed for data driven decision making, as well as for graduate study in the field of Business Analytics. Students with these skills are in high demand in a variety of industries and sectors including marketing, finance, information systems, operations, health care and energy. 

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Course Title Credits
Required Courses (9 credits)
BMGT402Database Systems 13
BMGT430Data Modeling in Business 23
BMGT431Data Analytics3
Electives (6 credits)6
Minimum 3-6 credits from this list
Essential Programming Skills for Business Analytics 3
Quantitative Models for Management Decisions
Operations Management
Essential Data Skills for Business Analytics 4
Emerging Topics in Information Systems (BMGT408E Big Data and AI using Cloud Computing and BMGT408V Data Visualization and Web Analytics)
Maximum 3 credits from this list
Digital Marketing
Quantitative Financial Analysis
Special Topics in Operations Management (BMGT438A Applied Quantitative Analysis - QUEST only)
Introduction to Machine Learning 5
Game Theory 6
Simulation and Design of Experiments for Engineers 7
Foundations of Machine Learning (Formerly ENEE439M) 8
Data Science Techniques 9
Introduction to Statistical Computing with SAS
Total Credits15

 CMSC424 or INST327 can be used as a substitute


 ECON422 or ECON424 can be used as a substitute for Economics Majors only


CMSC132 Object-Oriented Programming II or INST326 Object-Oriented Programming for Information Science can be used as a substitute


 CMSC320 Introduction to Data Science is an approved substitute for Computer Science Majors


 Computer Science Majors only.


Economics Majors only


Civil & Environmental Engineering only


Electrical and Computer Engineering Majors only


Information Science Majors only