Public Leadership Minor

School of Public Policy
1100 Thurgood Marshall Hall

Program Director: Susannah Washburn

Explore the complex issues that face leaders around the world by minoring in Public Leadership. You will be empowered to think critically about the solutions needed for a range of pressing problems, examining such issues as democratization and human rights, crime and punishment, diversity and affirmative action, and poverty and inequality. In addition to exploring the issues, you will engage in critical questions and learning about leadership for the public good and effective citizenship.

The Public Leadership minor will allow students to examine today’s most pressing issues. Matters facing our world leaders such as, the global environment, human rights, the criminal justice system, equity in education, diversity, poverty, and inequality will be analyzed on multiple levels. Students will face these same challenges in their courses while learning to critically assess and recommend viable solutions through effective leadership for the public good. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop students’ knowledge of leadership theories;
  2. To offer undergraduate students a coherent and integrated public leadership curriculum;
  3. To give undergraduate students an education providing knowledge and skills appropriate to the understanding and exercise of appropriate leadership in their chosen professions, organizations, and communities;
  4. To create and support a community of young public leaders who hold a common interest in leadership studies;
  5. To offer students who are interested in public service a place to begin to build an intellectual foundation which will allow them to address the problems of the next decade;
  6. To prepare our students for the responsibilities of leadership and citizenship in a complex world; and
  7. To gain experience in applying leadership theories and concepts in a structured internship experience.

Requirements: 15 approved credits, at least 9 of which are 300- or 400-level. All courses taken for a minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C-. A minimum C (2.00) cumulative grade point average across all courses used to satisfy the minor is also required. Notes: No more than 6 credits may overlap between your major and the Public Leadership Minor, unless otherwise approved by your major. Additionally, courses completed in one minor may not be used to satisfy the requirements in another minor.

Course Title Credits
Core Course
Select one of the following:3
Public Leaders and Active Citizens
Examining Pluralism in Public Policy
Signature and Elective Courses
Select 12 credits from approved list 112
Total Credits15

The remaining 12 credits will be selected by the student from a list of approved signature courses and electives. A credit-bearing experiential learning option for which a grade is earned, e.g., internship, study abroad, research project, etc. can count as part of the remaining 12 credits. The experiential learning option must be linked to public leadership and approved in advance.

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